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Montblanc is one of the most prestigious writing instruments company. The timeless elegance of its design, places any Montblanc pen into the hands of people that values hand writing. Here are 2 amazing and beautiful editions:

Montblanc Writers Edition 2012: Jonathan Swift
Montblanc new StarWalker Red Gold

Montblanc Writers Edition 2012: Jonathan Swift

A Tribute to a Master of Satire and the Creator of Gulliver’s Travels


Jonathan Swift created over 30 works in his lifetime but it was Gulliver’s Travels, published in 1726, that remains the masterpiece he will always be remembered for. The epic work describes English ship surgeon Lemuel Gulliver’s voyages to exotic and distant lands, where he encounters dwarfs, giants, quirky scientists and intelligent horses.

The overall design of this magnificent edition draws inspiration from Gulliver’s Travels, and in particular the Lilliput episode, Gulliver’s first voyage. The barrel is made of black lacquer and decorated with multilayered inlays reminiscent of the ropes that were used to bind Gulliver at the beach of Lilliput island.

The cap is made of precious black resin, and shaped like Gulliver’s tricorn a typical tradesman three-cornered hat popular in the 18th century. It bears the signature of Jonathan Swift. A platinum-plated clip depicts the staircase the mayor of Lilliput had to climb to be able to talk to Gulliver. Finally, the instrument’s delicately designed rhodium-plated 18K gold nib is decorated with an elaborate engraving showing the imperial army of Lilliput marching between Gulliver’s legs.

The Writers Edition Jonathan Swift is only available in a strictly limited edition worldwide, with an issue number engraved on the cap as a guarantee of its uniqueness.

Available from August 2012 in:
– Fountain Pen
– Rollerball
– Ballpoint Pen
– Mechanical Pencil (set only)


Montblanc New StarWalker Red Gold

The luxury brand Montblanc completes its vividly designed StarWalker Collection with two high-end statements of contemporary elegance: the Montblanc StarWalker Red Gold in a Metal and Resin version.


The new exclusive Montblanc StarWalker Red Gold Metal features red gold- plated fittings with black precious lacquer and diamond-cut lines, giving it an architectural appearance. A true mark of quality, the handcrafted 14 K gold nib is the heart and soul of the writing instrument while the distinctive transparent StarWalker cap top crowns each piece. The Red Gold Resin features black precious resin with contrasting Red Gold-plated fittings. Each of these versions is available as fountain pen with a solid 14 K gold nib, fineliner and ballpoint pen.

For the launch of this amazing luxury pen, the Brand launched a Facebook App on the Brand Fan page under an operation called: “Your Moment of Gold”. People are asked to share their “moment of gold” via an easy and elegant app. It is a sort of online contest, so that people can win a New StarWalker Red Gold. Very generous from Montblanc. Check the app here:

Do not hesitate to visit the Brand official website:

Enjoy these 2 beautiful Limited Editions and let’s celebrate these poetic themes.



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