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Montblanc is launching a new collection of writing instruments called the Heritage Collection 1912. The aim of the brand is to bring back the pioneering spirit of the early 20th century which is a major part of Montblanc’s legacy. It combines timeless design with traditional craftsmanship with an important technological leverage. Used to surprise us with amazing limited editions and collections, Montblanc has a endless source of creativity sourced into its heritage.


As part of Montblanc ingenuity, the company experts have manufactured an amazing mechanism that controls both the complex retractable nib movement and the piston filling functions with just one simple pull of the cone.


The design of the Montblanc Heritage Collection 1012 is inspired by the original fountain pen that made portable writing instruments a practical reality. In terms of details, several points to highlight. Firstly we can see the famous Montblanc star emblem encased in a dome of transparent resin covered with mother-of-pearl coloured lacquer. The solid gold and rhodium-plated nib has also its own evolution. Crafted and amazingly polished by hand, it features a triangle shaped heart hole, specially designed for this collection.


Check here a video made by Appelboom Pennen about this prestigious edition and how it works:

The goal for Montblanc is to accomplished the finest European craftsmanship with innovative design and uncompromising quality. For this, the company needed a dream team of people fully dedicated to the task. That’s why they have built a team with a Product Designer, a Technical Designer, Designer Engineer, Nib Master and a Writing quality expert. Each one brings something on the table and they all work very closely in order to expand the principles of distinctive craft.

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The Heritage collection 1912 combines heritage and cutting-edge technology with a hint of creativity.

To learn more about this brand and to get further information, please connect to The new collection is available since July 2013 in all official retailers.



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