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Although some of us may not be able to venture to exotic, bucket-list destinations this summer, travel restrictions can provide a welcome opportunity to get to know our own country a little better. Those lucky enough to live in Italy may be just miles from the country’s iconic landmarks, but may have simply never got around to visiting them. This is your chance to explore all the highlights that are on your doorstep, and what better way to do it than by a luxury yacht charter around Italy, providing a private and opulent mode of transport. After all, this summer’s vacations may look a little different, but they still offer plenty of opportunities to have fun and unwind with those that are most important to you.

The best of Italy: Luxury yacht charter from North to South

Northern Italy

North and South Italy are not officially defined by border, instead leaving visitors to decide where one ends and the other begins. Although typically Northern Italy is said to be similar to Western European countries, offering a fast-paced and somewhat industrial way of life in parts, the Italian Riviera has its own charming personality that will have you smiling from ear to ear.

A luxury yacht charter on the Italian Riviera promises exquisite regional cuisine, flower-covered cliffsides, and warm hospitality. In Portofino, follow in the footsteps of A-Listers by mooring up in the harbour of this elite destination, and grab a bite overlooking the glittering water. While here be sure to visit the 8th century Abbey of San Fruttuoso, soak up the atmosphere in Portofino’s famous piazza, and hike through the stunning national park. 


Then head to UNESCO-protected Cinque Terre or ‘five lands’, each one steeped in history, to get to know the intricacies of each village and live life in a pastel hue. Forte de Marmi is next, where exclusive fashion boutiques and luxurious beaches will have you set for the day, and dancing until dawn at one of the trendy nightclubs is the perfect way to let your hair down.

To complete your exploration of Northern and Central Italy, cruise on to stunning Elba Island, part of the Tuscan archipelago. Luxury yacht charter in the Italian Riviera doesn’t get much better than this, with Caribbean-clear waters and hiking trails meaning there’s plenty of outdoor activities, while history buffs will love touring Napoleon’s former residences from his period of exile here.


Southern Italy

As you travel further down the coast, you’ll discover the sun-soaked, laidback vibe that is typical of the South. First cruise to Naples, where you’ll find the country’s best pizza, pasta and espresso – indulge in mouth-watering dishes such as spaghetti alle vongole, accompanied by a glass of local wine. Don’t leave without exploring nearby Pompeii, the place where time has stood still ever since the devastating eruption of Vesuvius in the year 79 A.D, which today provides a fascinating insight into the art, customs and everyday life of the Romans.


Next on your luxury yacht charter in Italy, the Amalfi Coast is a postcard-perfect setting, with stunning homes tumbling down over cliff sides. This is a favourite haunt of celebrities, with exquisite villages including Sorrento and Positano offering stunning piazzas and turquoise waters. As the sun begins to set, grab an Aperol Spritz and head to one of the golden sand beaches this region is famous for. 


Two idyllic islands are the stars of the South – Sicily and Sardinia. In Sicily, you’ll fall in love with the traditional cuisine, which focuses around the ingredients of shellfish and citrus, tuna and swordfish, pistachios, almonds and ricotta. Meanwhile, Sardinia’s paradisiacal white-sand beaches and luscious green forests will enchant you. Here you’ll experience untold relaxation, making it the perfect place to finish your luxury yacht charter in Italy.