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Patrick Mavros expresses his passion for Africa thanks to a beautiful Silversmithing story. Throughout the years, he developed a collection of fine silver objects, from women’s and men’s jewelry to home designed objects and sculptures.


Born and raised in Matabeleland (the wild, western province of Zimbabwe), the young Patrick developed a deep affinity for its wildlife, particularly the birds of prey. Like many an artist before him, he strove to capture the form and essence of the birds and animals on paper – as evidenced by his boyhood sketchpads.

Adulthood, however, laid out a more prosaic career for Patrick, and he became first a baker, then a soldier. Fortunately fate, in the classic tradition, smiled upon the young man and he met, wooed and won his wife, Catja Halsted. The petite, warm-hearted Catja became the pivotal influence that was to set Mavros on his path to becoming one of the world’s most accomplished sculptors.

Patrick, newly-wed and wanting to give Catja an original and personal gift, carved a pair of earrings from a small piece of ivory in the form of roses, her favourite flower. Catja was not the only one delighted with the earrings – soon Patrick was inundated with requests from friends for similar pairs to be created. And so it all began. Mavros developed his own unique sculpting technique, using innate artistic skills and his acute eye for detail and essence. The more he worked, the more he was inspired to try more ambitious subjects. He experimented with various tools and materials, and, with the encouragement of his wife and family, was soon involved in his own full-time business.

Here some of my preferred silver pieces from Patrick Mavros collection:






I personally find the Pencil holder brilliant!

So as Mother’s and Father’s day are coming soon, you should probably check the artistic work of this truly passionate artist. You may find the original gift you were looking for.
You can check the online catalog here:

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