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Luxury is not a matter of money is a matter of attitude and aim to present the best of the best possible. And this is the mission of It is an new online marketplace where manufacturers of luxury goods can present them to Russian-speaking population. It is the first area where the potential customer can choose from the best propositions, whether it is fabric for curtains, furniture, dishes or household equipment.


In addition, covers news and events from around the world that take place in important areas of life – architecture, design, fashion, gastronomy, thereby making our everyday life more beautiful…

What can we say more about this beautiful website?

  • 252 companies already trust Penatis and are present in their current catalog. 
  • Around 30 product categories are represented, from Antiques, Bath lines, Decor, Furniture to wallpapers and Gifts.
  • 11 services, from Architecture, Design towards Floristics, Embroidery or Individual tailoring.

Also, the people behind Penatis have the culture and education to luxury as everything is done with very good taste and with a high level of professionalism. They have a “news” section, acting as a high-end blog featuring very interesting topics from brands, magazines and lifestyle trends.

The Russian luxury market is more and more important. The figures speak by themselves and the Russian luxury customer is refined, educated and has strict requirements for only the best. So you need to know Penatis and then you will understand.



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