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The precious and the unique are part of what defines true luxury. Pietra Dura, a very exclusive Jewellery House founded in 2007, reveals the uniqueness of each gemstone on a technique inspired by the glorious italian Cinquecento. Based on the passion of Carole Midy, she started creating her own jewels on her kitchen table and now you can find her creations in different countries.


The name Pietra Dura comes from a special jewellery technique , very popular in the years 1500’s, also called The Cinquecento. Like Wood Marquetry, Pietra Dura works the entire precious stones into
marble. It is an inlay technique of using cut and fitted, highly-polished colored stones to create images. It is considered a decorative art. The stonework, after the work is assembled loosely, is glued stone-by-stone to a substrate after having previously been sliced and cut in different shape sections; and then assembled together so precisely that the contact between each section was practically invisible.

photo: www.rubylane.comIt is an interesting technique that
It is an interesting technique that comes from Ancient Roman that uses both geometrical and figurative
shapes. The italian Renaissance brought this technique back to fashion as it was a must. Venice and Firenze were high places for this technique.

photo: wikipedia
Ms Midy’s artistic work takes the inspiration from this technique but in a more contemporary way, some pieces in the great tradition of italian jewellers and others almost Pop-Art. The symbol of her company is a turtle, ultimate symbol. Thanks to its scales in the shell, it represents a sort of precious marquetry, great symbol for the Brand.

Pietra dura symbol the Turtle

Here are some great pieces from Pietra Dura’s collections. Gold, faceted ruby zoizite,
cognac diamonds and multicolored tourmalines for a “Bal à Venise”.

Pietra Dura trio bal a venise


Bague Bagheera bronze 2 Pietra Dura


Ebony Pietra Dura

Gold, faceted ruby zoizite, cognac diamonds, multicolored tourmalines or Bronze are the different materials used by PietraDura. Every single piece is unique. All shaped, created and crafted
by hand in their workshop in Paris, wearing a Pietra Dura jewel is like experiencing ultimate luxury. Pietra Dura also has a quality chart in terms of company’s engagement. This is also very original
from such high-end jeweler. It is like a commitment to their customers. In deed they certify that:

  • Designs certifications with jeweler stamp
  • All pieces are handcrafted in France
  • The Silver and the Gold 18 carats are 100% recycled. They are obtained via certified dealers.
  • All precious gems come from all over the world. They are chooses for their quality and traceability.
  • Pietra Dura refuses to work with companies not following the Kimberley agreement.


Here is our editor’s choice. Between Pop-Art and heritage, these 2 rings evokes the original creativity of this brand.

Pietra Dura by editorschoice

These are two pieces from the collection called CARPE DIEM. It is exactly the representation of modern design meets heritage. The first ring represents a Buddha face. It is made in yellow gold and white gold silver bashed, head in carved calcedony tourmaline cabochons and tanzanite set in yellow gold. The second ring displays a deadman’s face. It is made in yellow gold and white gold silverbashed, head in carved obsidian, amethyst and tourmaline set in yellow gold. These 2 rings are limited edition. 

For a special occasion or to please yourself, be tempted by Pietra Dura and allow the exceptional and the magic of Cinquecento enter your daily life.


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