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In our modern world, one of the most luxury things we might search for is time. Time is money and sometimes we cannot afford loosing time. Or it is just a matter of personal comfort. If you are in Los Angeles and you are looking for a great service-to-the-person, or a Concierge like service, you need to have a look on Purveyors of Time. It is more than a Conciergerie service. It is more a Lifestyle management company. And at Luxury Activist we like that!

Founded by Jeannette Rose Jones in 2007, the current CEO, now there are 2 people more behind this interesting company: Ms Lisa M. Pisani, Director, Client/Vendor Relations and Warren Jones, Vice-President Senior consultant director. All of them are from the Hospitality industry and have occupied key positions.

The different services proposed are grouped in 4 categories: Residential & Family, First Class Entertainment, Travel & Destination management and Business & Corporate. It is a very wide catalog of possibilities. From a Personal Assistant, through special events or Travel bookings, up to business support, Purveyors of Time will assist you in all matters. They also have a special service for Planes, Jets or Helicopter charter. If you want to know more about the different services, please check the company’s official website here.

The trend of Personal services started in most of luxury Hotels, in which the concierge was most of the time a key person in order to help you get basically everything you need during your stay at the hotel. Then, some companies all around the world, started a “conciergerie service”. Even the Vertu mobile phones had a special button on each telephone for that.

Luxury department stores like Sak’s or Harrod’s or even Le Printemps in France, also started their own personal services. After a while, Concierge became a trendy idea. What would make Purveyors of Time an interesting service? The idea is to combine private and professional life. In deed, if you are a busy person, you probably need to manage your both private and professional activities in order to fit everything in a day, week, month or year.

Here is a short video presenting the company.

I had the pleasure to be in contact with Ms Lisa M. Pisani who is the company Director – client & Vendor Relations. I could ask some questions and here is the exclusive interview:

 Luxury Activist (LA): Your company, Purveyors of Time, is described as a lifestyle management company. Could you describe in a few words the philosophy of your company? 
Lisa M. Pisani (LMP): Purveyors of Time’s philosophy is to provide all of our clients with intuitive, unwavering and highly-personalized service on an on-call, as-needed basis.

LA: How many customers does your company have today? Or an average of missions per year if you prefer.
LMP: We have approximately 50 clients, most of which we assist on a regular basis.  We have hundreds of assignments each year.

LA: Can you describe who is the “typical” customer you have? Which kind of person/company subscribe to your services?
LMP: We routinely cater to high-net-worth, successful individuals and families from across the United States as well as overseas. The “typical” Purveyors of Time client is someone who realizes that their time is invaluable and seeks to utilize it in the most efficient manner possible; someone who understands the need and convenience of a personalized lifestyle management service that’s available on call, as-needed.  Purveyors of Time is there for our clients at a moment’s notice, meeting virtually every want and desire with flawless precision. That’s what our “typical” client wants and deserves!

LA: What differentiates your company from your competition?
LMP: What really differentiates us from the competition is our level of personal attentiveness to our customers.  We really tailor our services specifically to each and every client’s needs and requirements. Personal dedication and stellar service on an on-call, as-needed basis is really what Purveyors of Time is all about. We do not require our clients to purchase a Membership, although we do offer them for those who wish to purchase hours in bulk.  We offer the utmost in convenience in terms of the utilization of our personal assisting services.

LA: Do you have any celebrities among your customers? Can you give us some names?
LMP: Yes we have a number of high-profile individuals and celebrities, but we are committed to maintaining complete confidentiality when it comes to our clients.

LA: Would you have new services coming soon?   Or new projects you might want to share with our readers?

LMP: We are currently working on creating a custom-tailored package of “home care services” for complete estate management.   Stay tuned!

So if you are based in Los Angeles and look for a great service-to-the-person, you definitely should contact Purveyors of Time. As they say, “being rich is having money but being wealthy is having time…”

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