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Switzerland is one of the lands of luxury and know-how. Discover Shawish Geneva and its partnership with the inventive chocolatier Philippe Pascoët. The result is the most expensive chocolate egg in the world. According to Shawish, it is a spectacular demonstration of creativity in order to achieve an insane project inspired from childhood memories. This is translated into a chocolate egg concealing a precious surprise. And definitely it is not intended for kids !

The Shawish Diamonds Surprise – unique and rare


It is an unique chocolate egg, 20cm x 12cm. Made of the finest Venezuelan chocolate at 65%, this special egg contains an unique jewel inside, a true fairy tale precious object. It conceals a pendant from the emblematic Magic Mushroom line of Shawish.


The Dandy Emerald is made of 18-carat white gold. The fleshy cap of the mushroom is set with 314 white finest diamonds (5.44 carats). The precious structure is interspersed with 64 emeralds (0.9 carats) rests on a finely gadrooned stem.


This product was launched for the Holiday season and it is completely a dream come true. All the poetry and the childhood memories of fairy tales and enchanted objects are united in this amazing creation. And only the best artists could achieve such result. The partnership between Shawish and Philippe Pascoët is also a dream come true!




Shawish, dazzling jewelry art

Shawish Geneve is a family business since its foundation in 2008. The Shawesh brothers located their headquarters in Geneva and now they have around 16 employees  amongst 3 locations: Geneva – London – Dubai. Mohamed Shawesh, the creator and the living force behind the brand is a creative entrepreneur and generate a positive and human philosophy at Shawish.
Mohamed-Shawesh Shawish-First-Diamond-Ring-in-the-world

Shawish always kept an outstanding position in the jewelry international business by trying new things, new combinations and for some of them, the achievement was quite unique like the 1st Whole Diamond ring in the world. They have a strong know how in terms of gems and they completely understand the dream power of jewelry. According to the brand, their mission is the accomplice of our must unlikely visions. They believe in the “impossible” and want to be associated with the exceptional. Each collection represents different aspects of the brand. For example, the collection called “The Beauty of the Sea” has been inspired by Libya, which is the birthplace of the creator. As many respectful names in the jewelry industry, they only work with certified diamonds and precious stones. This is definitely part of their philosophy in terms of ethics and respect.
More information about the brand:

Philippe Pascoët – Chocolate Poet

For Philippe Pascoët, there is no middle of the road. Chocolatier is a fine art and requests dedication, know-how and passion to sublime the precious raw material. And for this amazing creator, the true star is the chocolate! As a poet, he tells us delightful stories inspired by everyday life: a garden scented with verbena and mint, or the special atmosphere of a fumoir or the facetted scent of Basil. This master chocolatier from Brittany who lives in Switzerland gas devoted himself to chocolate, to the delight of gourmets and passionate enthusiasts.


The magic soon begins to weave its spell as this chocolatier invents, reinvents and offers his faithful following an array of chocolates focused on colourful sensations and subtle combinations. A world reflected in his boutiques in Carouge (Geneva) and Casablanca (Morocco). For more information about this amazing Chocolatier, you can check the official website:

For this amazing and unique creation for Shawish, all the finest art of Maitre Chocolatier was put in place by Philippe Pascoët. Every detail, every second during the process counted and the result is one of the most beautiful and tasteful chocolate egg. See here some pictures from the making of this creation:




For the time being, this jewel case is a one-of-a-kind creation. It is in process of registration by the Guinness Book of Records as “the most valuable chocolate egg”. But to keep even the keenest foodies happy, the two companies are developing a more affordable 14-piece limited edition in a more modest size containing a Mini Mushroom Diamond in 18-carat white gold and set with 46 diamonds (0.32 cts). These treats will be available for Christmas. A highly original gift idea which is sure to be a hit under the tree…

Surprise egg – one-of-a-kind creation: CHF 31,500 or US$ 35’000
Surprise egg – limited edition: CHF 2,850 or US$ 3’200

The end of the year has never been so sparkling as it is this year thanks to the Shawish Diamonds Surprise egg.



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