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Sunglasses have always been associated with the stars, with celebrities long being pictured attempting to go incognito behind their shades. Who doesn’t feel a little bit Hollywood when they slip on their favourite Michael Kors sunglasses and go for a drive with the top down? However, as well as their off screen associations with movie stars, sunglasses have also made some pretty iconic appearances on screen in the movies. Here are just a few of the coolest sunglasses in cinema:

Tony Montana – Scarface


The iconic sunglasses worn by Tony Montana in Scarface are a style that is making something of a comeback. Thick frames on the top, rimless on the bottom, and with thick, dark lenses – perfect for covering up your ‘crazy eyes’ if you’re about to introduce people to your ‘little friends’.

The Terminator


He may need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle, but can you imagine the Terminator (while he still has his Arnold Schwarzenegger skin on) without picturing those cool black sunglasses? It just wouldn’t be right! These sunglasses look like fairly normal black Ray-Bans but they survive quite a lot of action, so we can only assume they have some Terminator properties all of their own.

Tyler Durden – Fight Club


Not that it takes much to make Brad Pitt look cool, but these strangely tinted sunglasses really added something to the character of Tyler Durden, helping establish him as an awesome if unpredictable anti-hero (that is until later in the movie when he turns out not to exist). The wardrobe choices for Tyler Durden were a big part of what gave this movie its iconic look, and these shades were a not insignificant part of that.

Just About Every Character – The Matrix


The Matrix may as well have been sponsored by Ray-Ban – many of the key characters including Neo, Trinity and Agent Smith have some pretty memorable shades in this trilogy (if you count the second and third movies, which you probably shouldn’t). If you were to list the style choices in the Matrix sunglasses would probably come in third after bullet time and black leather, but that is still pretty high when you consider just how revolutionary the first Matrix film was from a stylistic standpoint.

Clarence Worley – True Romance


Poor, hapless Clarence, a man who marries a prostitute then accidentally ends up with a suitcase full of cocaine when trying to recover her belongings from her pimp, makes it through most of this movie wearing a Hawaiian shirt and Elvis shades. That he still manages to be incredibly awesome is the mark of Tarantino’s excellent script – though he didn’t actually direct this movie, he wrote it and you can see his influence on everything from the action and dialog to the quirky character stylings, including these sunglasses.

These are just some of the most memorable sunglasses on film, but it goes to show that sunglasses can actually add a lot to a character’s look and feel – some of these characters just wouldn’t be the same without their famous shades!


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