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Property in Monaco has always been at a premium, but it has now reached dizzying heights of luxuriousness. A brand new penthouse has recently been added to the property market in the prestigious Principality’s Larvotto Beach locality. Priced at over EUR 30 million, this stunning Larvotto Penthouse is firmly in the ultra-exclusive bracket and boasts an array of stylish features, from a private rooftop pool to contemporary, bespoke furnishings. However, it is the penthouse’s hand-selected art collection that stands out as the most alluring feature. Art fanatics are sure to desire this unique property, which blends the lines between a comfortable home for living and a chic art gallery. Step inside and admire this artistic spectacle, which offers a rare opportunity for Monaco penthouse living.

The Art-Filled Penthouse: A Gallery at Home

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The art on display comes from prominent and talented artists, such as Abbas Akhavan, Chantal Joffe, and Armen Eloyan, to name but a few. The creations can be found in most rooms across both floors and bring the space to life with colour, thought-provoking depictions, and evocations of limitless imaginations. There are three paintings by London-based artist Adam Dix, whose work fills homes, hotels, and galleries across the world. His muted colours explore themes that connect not only the 1950s idea of how the future would look, but also themes that explore the link between the virtual and real worlds. American artist Ned Vena’s austere, monochrome patterns add an extremely contemporary touch. Vena’s work is complemented by Amir Nikhravan’s optical illusions, which blend textures and surfaces in charcoal-grey hues. Serban Savu’s landscape painting skilfully captures the daily existence of Romanians in a bucolic setting, with rolling hills gently contrasting against modern farm technology. Chantal Joffe is an English artist who is famous for her portraits of females and children. A splendidly colourful example of her work features prominently in the upstairs living room alongside 11 other paintings by various artists, including a spectacular portrait of a man by Los Angeles-based artist Raffi Kalenderian.


Other artists on display throughout the immaculately presented property include Josh Smith, Andrew Palmer, Anselm Reyle, Juan Araujo, Ryan Maclaughlin, Vicky Wright, and Yoan Capote. It is like having your very own private gallery; an escapist refuge that inspires, stimulates, and calms the apartment’s inhabitants and guests. When one tires of the scenery inside, one can head out onto the home’s expansive terraces to take in the panoramic views of the glistening Mediterranean Sea and the azure blue horizon beyond – an artistic sight of Mother Nature.

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Luxury Interior Design in Monaco: A Creative Vision

To say that the Larvotto Penthouse is an interior designer’s dream would be an understatement; each individual aspect of design converges with the whole to create an elegant expression of taste. The property has recently undergone a full refurbishment, which was carried out to the highest standard and includes the stylish artwork, making it a rare and unique find. Internationally renowned interior designer Francois Marcq has designed this 470m2 duplex with style, grace, and comfort in mind. Upon stepping into the penthouse, you’ll be enthralled by Marcq’s incredible layout, tasteful interior design, and his eye for detail. One of the penthouse’s highlights is a sculptural staircase – a sleek spiral construction that links the property’s two floors and is a work of art in itself. With sumptuous terrace sofas, a fully equipped modern kitchen, a rooftop pool and two guest toilets, the luxury penthouse is the ideal home for entertaining. All the furnishings and fixtures harmoniously blend with the displayed works of art to create a magical ambience that embellishes the practical comforts of 21st-century living.