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This week, I came across the website of the Luxury Channel. It is a new and exciting multimedia platform. It provides compelling, high quality TV programming and videos, trendsetting online editorial, and an outstanding range of high-end retail products around lifestyle and luxury.


They started working for CNBC, one of the leading TV channels about Business and lifestyle. They still continue their partnership but thanks to the digital revolution, their website becomes more and more complete.

All video content is produced in HD by many different leading directors in the world. It becomes a main online platform about international news around luxury, business and lifestyle. The Managing Direction is shared between Fiona Sanderson and Jim Manson, 2 key players in the american broadcasting. They have several years of experience with main tv channels like Discovery or even National Geographics.


It is really a pleasure to being able to watch HD video online in a nice and stimulating digital environment. They also have a magazine section in which you can find minute-by-minute news.

Do not hesitate to apply for the newsletter, a valuable source of information or to check the official channel:



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