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Every year we all expect the best cars from the top luxury brands to be revealed. Between Detroit, Frankfurt, Geneva or Paris, all eyes are on the different auto salons. Here the most expected luxury cars until 2017.

2014 – Ferrari LaFerrari

2014-Ferrari-LaFerrari-sideview 2014-Ferrari-LaFerrari

The new supercar by Ferrari is called… LaFerrari. Ok not really original but the most important part is that the new Ferrari is a Hybrid, a mixture between an electrical and  combustion engines.

  • Underbody made of Kevlar and Carbon fiber composite
  • 6.3 Liters, V12
  • 950 horse power ( 789 hp combustion + 161hp electrical)
  • Launch date: Beginning 2014


2015 – The new Nissan Z

2015-Nissan-Z 2015-Nissan-Z-backside-view

Nissan will deliver the 7th generation of Nissan Z into the market. With the GT-R, the Z became a true institution in the worldwide super cars. In our case here, a much more affordable dream than the previous one.

  • VQ V-6 engine
  • Improved platform (shared with Infinity Q50)
  • Arrival early 2015

2016 BMW M8

2016-BMW-M8 2016-BMW-M8-sideview

Since the launch of the X6 and the M5, BMW got to a next level of super cars. It is aggressive, powerful and edgy. You definitely feel your heart race while driving such engines. In 2016, they are launching the M8. Built on the chassis of the i8, it reveals a super futuristic almost science-fiction look. And because the trend is about hybrid super cars, the M8 is an hybrid.

  • Carbon-Fiber platform
  • Boosted version of M5 4.4 liter TwinPower turbo engine
  • 8 speed dual-clutch automatic
  • 600 to 650 hp (still waiting confirmation from engineers)
  • Arrival: mid-2016

2017 Porsche 960

Porsche-960-view porsche-960-front-left-view


Since the launch of competitors like the Audi R8, Lamborghini Gallardo or Aventador and McLaren 12C, Porsche lost a lot in the field of super cars. Despite the fact they have probably one of the most loyal customers ever, sales are not what they were in past years. With the launch of the new 960, the german company hopes to be back on the race! The new car is positioned by the brand between 911 turbo and the 918. It is far more powerful than a Cayman.

  • Aluminium and composite platform
  • 8 Cylinder engine developing 600 hp (hybrid power train)
  • Arrival beginning 2017

So now you know what to expect in the incoming 4 years. Others will also come and we might get more information to come. Which other super car should we add in the article? Let us know bellow in the comments.

Sebastien Eich


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