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A leather carry-on luggage is designed to have your possession from one place to another in the most convenient way. With the constant increase in airline baggage fees, this luggage is the best option to stick to. With a leather carry-on, you don’t have to worry about your luggage getting opened or dented due to the mishandling of airline officials since it stays with you. 

The essence of leather carry-on luggage isn’t just for traveling purposes as it can fit into any setting and purpose you deem fit. It communicates a bespoke appearance about the carrier effortlessly. When you choose a good one, it can last you a lifetime.

Essentials In A Leather Carry-On

You need to choose the right leather carry-on luggage to enjoy its benefits, along with the satisfaction that comes from getting a product worth your money. There are important factors to consider when picking, and if you have the right guide, it’ll be easier to select the best for you. 

Here’s an ultimate guide to choosing leather carry-on luggage:

1. Leather Quality

The quality of the leather material will impact the luggage’s performance. Don’t be overwhelmed by the different labels attached to the bag when checking out. You may see leathers such as full-grain, top-grain, genuine, split-grain, faux or vegan, and the bonded leather. All of these are categorized based on the type of manufacturing processes used in creating them. 

The best way to detect the quality of a material is through smell, touch, oil test, and water test. Every technique is reliable, but it may be difficult if you’re doing online shopping. You can resolve this issue when you order a voyager carry-on bag from Von Baer and others by asking about their details. In this way, you’d be sure you’re getting a standard product.


Any of the above leather types may be indicated in the product, but the best one is typically labeled as full-grain. Other materials are nice too, but each material offers a different function and style.

2. Luggage Size

There are standard size rules for baggage, but you don’t necessarily have to follow them as requirement differs according to airlines and state rules. Instead, contact the flight company you’re traveling with and ask for their baggage regulations. Do this to avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport such as excess charge or being unable to place your luggage in the overhead bin. 


Manufacturers make leather carry-on luggage available in a variety of sizes and pieces to suit different purposes. The things you pack when going on a business function differ from the things you need for an adventure. A domestic or international trip is also a determinant for luggage size. Therefore, consider your personal needs to make the most practical decision.

Go for a size you can maneuver around easily both on-board and outside. Choose the right size for the appropriate occasion as the wrong size will end up getting you carrying around luggage too small for your possession or too big to move around with.

3. Luggage Weight

Having the right size doesn’t mean you’ve accomplished already the baggage requirement of airlines. It’s advisable to always choose lightweight leather carry-on luggage to overcome weight restrictions. The restrictions issued by airlines make it forceful for a traveler to start removing some items to adjust to the required weight. 

Choosing lightweight luggage may help you disguise the weight of your possessions. It’s quite impossible to have an empty leather carry-on, but always try to pack light. The purpose of carry-on leather luggage is to be able to have your possessions in the most comfortable manner.

Also, lightweight luggage doesn’t mean inferiority. Reputable brands make use of innovative material that can withstand heavy weight while making your luggage as light as ever.

4. Hardware Durability

The durability of your carry-on leather luggage must be inspected before you choose. Pay attention to parts such as handles, zippers, locks, dividers, buckles, and straps to every other part and even to the ones considered minor. Every area has its own functional and aesthetical purposes. You don’t want your luggage to miss any of this, so avoid hasty inspection.

Open and close all zippers, straps, and buckles to ensure they’re working properly. Make sure the handle’s strong enough to carry the weight of your items. Twist the frame gently to confirm it’s well-shaped. Check the quality of the fabric lining and check whether the stitches are consistent too. Test every other part as you deem fit.  


If you’re purchasing online, request pictures of every side of the luggage, both interior and exterior. Also, zoom in on them to confirm their quality. Choosing luggage with inferior hardware will lose its suppleness within few days of usage.

5. Personal Style

A leather carry-on luggage isn’t customized just for the ease of carrying items around because they also serve as accessories to complement every style you want to project. Choose the luggage that feels personal to you. Think about the statement you want to impress and choose the one that expresses it best. It says a lot about the owner, be it casual, formal, or a fashion utility.

The appearance of your leather carry-on luggage should serve your traveling needs. Make inquiries about what a certain luggage’s build before choosing it. Some may appear physically good enough for you but may not serve your needs.

Choosing a leather carry-on luggage you’re comfortable with means you’d have all your possessions without any hassle. You should list out the features you want and let your provider know. There’s always something to suit your style. 


The basics you need to know in choosing the right carry-on leather luggage have been explained above. Every product isn’t created equally, so inspect the leather quality, size, weight, durability, and your personal needs to make the best possible decision. 

Remember, the overall quality of your carry-on leather is critical to getting the most out of it. Consider the ideas mentioned here as you look for the luggage that’s best for you.