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The current and trending disease, coronavirus, has taken the world by storm and has people panicking about getting everything they will need to keep themselves and their loved ones safe and secure. Many people who have watched the news may have been able to see warning signs that something terrible was about to happen.

One of the biggest warning signs that people can watch for on the news to tell that something bad is going to happen is when other countries around the world start to shut down and put their citizens in lockdown. Diseases are often unable to be contained in a single location so when one country has a disease it is almost always going to spread around the world. Another warning sign that can clue you into getting prepared early is to watch the stock market. When the stock market starts to drop, you can likely tell that something bad is about to happen. These warning signs will tell you when you need to prepare and get the following items stored in your home.

Medical Supplies

Many people have been looking for coronavirus medical supplies but have been unable to find them because many stores are all out of stock. Before a crisis hits, it is always crucial that you have ample medical supplies like bandages, alcohol, gauze pads, masks, disinfectants, hand sanitizers, and other supplies. These supplies can keep you and your family safe and can ensure that you are prepared for any disaster and crisis.


Minimum recommendations state that you should have at least three days of food stored in your home for any type of emergency that could happen. While this is the minimum recommendation, some disasters could last much longer than this. Many experts recommend having minimum storage of food for at least one week. Typically, people would be able to get help after a week.



Clean drinking water is essential to all life. You should always have clean bottled water stored somewhere in your home in case of an emergency. It is also recommended that you have a water filter system to help you purify water from the sink.


Batteries are always needed to help power electronics that you will need in your home to receive news and updates during a crisis.


There are many forms of protection that you can use for you and your family so you should find the protection that you and your family all feel comfortable keeping in the home.

Household Essentials

To help you and your family stay comfortable and living a lifestyle you are used to during a crisis, you should have a stockpile of household essentials. Have a flashlight and some small tools always ready.


If the power was to go out you and your family should always be prepared with a battery or solar operated radio. This can help you and your family get information even when others cannot.


In case of a crisis, you and your family may need to leave your home. You should have gasoline in your car and a spare container of gas to help you get to where you need to go without stopping.

First Aid Kit

While it is always recommended that you have medical supplies, you should also have another first aid kit in your home. A kit that has everything you need in it can help in times of emergency. You can easily and efficiently locate this kit and move it to where you need it when seconds count.


If you are forced to stay indoors, you may need some entertainment. While this may not seem critical, it can help you and your family stay engaged and happy. Simple entertainment like books and games can help you relieve stress during a crisis.

It can be difficult to get all of these things during a crisis, so it is important to get as many of these items as early as you can. If you have room in your home, in a spare closet, or in the basement, you can safely store all of these things that you will need in times of crisis. Be sure to keep these things away from children and stored in a location where others may not know that you have them.

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