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Getting married away from home is a concept that has gained great popularity. Your friends and family will love a vacation cum wedding to attend. Have you decided that you want to get married somewhere warm, away from the uncertainties of UK weather? The US has some of the world’s top wedding destinations, ranging from beach locales, mountain villas and other locations perfect for the outdoorsy couple.

So get your ESTA approval, make the guest living arrangements done, hop on your flight and head off to one of these wonderful US destinations that are perfect for weddings.


1. Niagara Falls, New York

It is a foregone conclusion that a wedding with the Niagara Falls as a backdrop will beat most mammoth weddings you could plan at home. New York State’s Niagara Falls is of course the classic honeymoon destination. But these days it is also becoming more popular as a wedding destination. As a result there are plenty of venues that are capable of hosting weddings in this part of the state. Want to go a step ahead and get married on a boat? The Maid of Mist tour boat will take you and the rest of the wedding party through the Bridal Veil Falls towards the Niagara for the ultimate experience.


2. San Juan Islands, Washington

The state of Washington has its own laid-back and rustic island which is perfect for a quaint and private wedding ceremony in a Victorian chapel. The San Juan Islands lie in the northwest corner of the state and are forested and pastured. Charming and peaceful hamlets dot the islands. Eco tourism is only just taking off there, with plenty of cycling, kayaking, whale watching and hiking activities that your outdoorsy guests can enjoy.

3. Redwood Forest, California


The giant redwood forests of northern California make for a great wedding vacation with plenty of ancient, mystical atmosphere thrown in. The Redwood National Park will allow you to get married amidst the grandeur of the tallest trees in the world. And your guests can also enjoy hiking, biking and endless activities while they are there.

4. Kauai, Hawaii

One of the romantic Hawaiian islands with spectacular sunsets and snorkeling, Kauai has always been a honeymoon destination. But why not give your wedding a unique twist and have it there? You and the wedding party can take a boat out to one of the many waterfalls on the island. Have your guests enjoy some post-wedding cocktails and sunsets. And there’s plenty of sun throughout the year for you to get married any time of year.


5. Savannah, Georgia

If you want a more urban wedding with some Southern hospitality thrown in, why not head to the beautiful town of Savannah in Georgia? With plenty of old world romance in its historic districts, tree-lined public squares, you can have yourself a charming ceremony amid the cooing of turtledoves and the backdrop of Spanish moss.


Of course, getting married away from home does require some planning. But it may also turn out to be cheaper than a lavish wedding at home. If you do decide that you want to get married in the US, make sure that you get your ESTA application forms filled and confirmed. You may also need to help your relatives with their currency exchange and find out about international marriage laws. But at the end of it, you are bound to have a wedding you, your spouse and your guests will remember for a lifetime.

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