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Travel is restricted at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped travel bloggers from inspiring us to explore what the world has to offer the moment constraints are lifted. In fact, travel bloggers aren’t just inspiring us to discover the world but to also follow in their footsteps. More people than ever before are aspiring to be travel bloggers and it’s easy to see why. Trips across the globe, visiting new and exotic places, immersing yourself in different cultures… it’s a far cry from your average 9-5. 

So if you’re an aspiring travel influencer, what is regarded as an essential travel item? Here we’ll explore everything you’ll need to be a successful travel blog – so don’t jet off without these absolute must-haves!

Digital Asset Management software

Building on your following whilst engaging and interacting with your followers across all platforms is part of your role as an influencer. However, it’s incredibly difficult to maintain high levels of organization and consistency without the right software, especially when you’re halfway across the world. More influencers than ever are turning to to take full advantage of DAM software – find out more by clicking the link. 

This clever software helps you keep all your digital assets organized and by using advanced metadata tagging, you’ll be able to filter through thousands of images, files, videos and content to find what you want within seconds, saving you precious time. DAM software helps to improve your brand consistency, something which is essential across all your travel influencer platforms. Streamlining your content creation is easy with DAM software, so don’t jet off without it. 

Image source: Pixabay

A clear vision of your desired audience

When it comes to travel blogging, it’s not a case of one size fits all. Deciding what kind of traveler you want to appeal to will help you tailor your content and keep those creative ideas flowing. Once you figure out your niche – retirees, gap year students, traveling families, luxury travel, solo female travel, etc – you need to work on your influential angle. Listing “7 things you should see in London” won’t get the interest or clicks you want. But if your angle is solo female travelers, then your content should be specifically targeted to your niche, for example, “the best hotels in London for solo female travelers”. Avoid generic posting, it’s a waste of your time and energy. 

The skills to take good photos

An aesthetically pleasing Instagram grid and a blog full of beautiful pictures isn’t something that’s done overnight. Most travel influencers have developed their photography skills over time, chosen a theme and then ran with it. Whether you want to keep your pages light and minimalistic, dark and moody, or bright and cheery, you may want to invest in photography editing apps to create filters and pre-sets that will become synonymous with your brand. Again, these files can be stored in your DAM software. 

And finally, a growing influencer network

All influencers lean on those who share their chosen field for support, for collabs and as a way to boost engagement and follower numbers. As a budding travel influencer, you’ll need to work on your network and be prepared to reach out to other travel bloggers to propel yourself forward. It’s a great way to learn new skills and build your following. 

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