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Here is the discovery of the week: Vintage Seekers. I was really happy when I was contacted by them because it is by far one of the most original, interesting, high-class online shops for Collectibles, Design, Fashion, Motoring, Watches and more.

Driven by a passion for the pieces they sell, Vintage Seekers’ small, dedicated team based in London’s Covent Garden sources from the world’s most reputable niche suppliers.


For Vintage Seekers, buying vintage – that is, items of more than 25 years old and less than 100 – is about celebrating the style and innovation of the last century, whether it’s for the home, for yourself or as a gift.

From vintage couture fashion to fine and rare wines through classic cars and first edition books, Vintage Seekers unites traditionally disparate industries, enabling customers to buy right here, right now. Every piece in Vintage Seekers’ collection is selected using consistent criteria to ensure it matches up to their benchmark for original, authentic vintage. This is a fresh approach to the vintage market.

The shopping experience is interwoven with evocative narrative in an online magazine. Providing a contemporary appraisal of the coolest things from the past, you’ll find designer profiles, buyer’s guides, road trips and more. For further inspiration, you can dip in to their international events calendar.

I made my wishing list, just check here some of the amazing objects you can find at Vintage Seekers. Each page is a moment of surprise and excitement.

You can find several types of vintage collectibles. For my side I picked up this amazing autograph and drawing by John Lennon.

Check it here online.

I chose this amazing 1920 Louis Vuitton leather bag. To be damned!
Check it here online.

Discover this beautiful Madame Grès authentic Silk Dress. Just pure and timeless elegance.

Check it here online.

A full collection of beautiful and powerful timeless cars, from casual elegance to spiky sport heroes. I picked up this 1964 Cobra.
Check it here online.


Baselworld International Watch fair is not far (next week) but here we can find real prestigious Timepieces. I chose the 1961 IWC Ingenieur.
Check it here online.

If you have a special celebration and are looking for the ideal bottle for that specific evening? Here is the place. I spotted out this 1947 Pomerol, pure poetry for the lips.
Check it here online.

You can find here, and this is quite unique, 1st famous historical editions of amazing books. I would choose the 1959 rare 1st edition of Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov.
Check it here online.

I also discovered an amazing resource library for Vintage fashion photographs by world famous photographers. I would like to highlight a beautiful collection of Ronald Falloon’s pictures.
Ronald Falloon
Check it here online.

Vintage seekers is probably one of the most complete and edgy e-commerce websites in the world for Vintage products. Their hard work is really impressive. So if you want to please yourself or to offer the most outstanding gift to someone you love, here is the place. A purchase to remember.



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