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Among all bright stones in the Jewelry industry, Waskoll Paris in one of the brightest. This family owned company reflects the passion of the Waskoll family for beautiful precious materials and also excellence at work. When it comes to high-end jewelry, quality of metals and precious stones are key, as well as the techniques. The story of this family is exceptional. The two Waskoll brothers, heirs to a long tradition of jewelers and gem specialists have managed one of the most prestigious Parisian establishments over the last few decades.

After a discreet beginning, they came into the limelight when they opened a jewelry at 19 rue de la Paix, in Paris – which is at the heart of the quarter known for products of the utmost luxury. In this way, they revealed the vast range of their creativity and their mastery of techniques. The work of Jeweler is very facetted. There is a strong creativity aspect, in which only the boundaries of imagination are the limits. Every year, Waskoll presents new collections that will always surprise you by the beauty of their precious gems as well as by the colors harmony, the volumes and the shapes of the pieces. Waskoll perpetuates the Jewelry house tradition of innovative elegance. Each of their creation are amazing pieces of art, unique objects that will make you live an extraordinary experience.



Waskoll has the best locations for its stores like the one at Rue de la Paix in Paris. It is the best address for all high-end luxury brands, a few meters away from Place Vendôme. You can see more about Waskoll Paris in this short presentation video about the brand.

The Waskoll brothers carry on their craft according to well mastered codes and techniques. Being rigorous in the search for precious stones, and creative when assembling them, they are sure to produce a creation which corresponds to the most demanding of traditional procedures. In addition, maintaining the respect due to all of the participants guarantees the origin of each gem. And this is a very important matter as since the Kimberley Process certification  was accepted worldwide, this prevents companies to acquire gems, especially Diamonds from war zones. Often called Blood diamonds, we are never sure how what took that diamond to get to your ring. Sometimes the stories are not great. Waskoll is certificated Kimberley Process. Maison Waskoll pays a great attention to the precious stones it uses. The pavage is G-H/VS or higher quality and all diamonds from 0.30ct and higher are certified from either one of the two most distinguished laboratories in the world, GIA situated in the United States, and HRD of Antwerp, Belgium.


This amazing know-how and the quality of their precious gems and metals, allow Waskoll to develop a very beautiful jewelry, made from a right balance between color, brightness and shapes.




To know more about the Maison Waskoll, please visit the brand official website here: 

When passion and talent meet, only great things can happen. Waskoll is a true architect of light. They sculpt, they shape, craft and reinvent jewelry in ways that only Waskoll knows.



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