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Watchmaking never sleeps. The Swiss watchmaker CLAUDE MEYLAN decided to make its contribution to the environment by creating a complete eco-responsible and 100% recyclable watch display. We are in 2020 and not so many brands are truly committed to change its habits and create a true evolution towards a better eco-responsible future. This initiative by CLAUDE MEYLAN touches an interesting point in the watchmaking industry: the conception and recycling of all watch displays. By launching a new display 100% eco-responsible and recyclable, CLAUDE MEYLAN sets a new standard, showing that Luxury and Planet are two things that can work well together.

When Luxury Rimes With Sustainability

Always concerned by a more ecological management CLAUDE MEYLAN wanted to develop a new 100% recyclable display – a first in the field – and entirely made in Switzerland, in Clarmont (VD), in collaboration with Eric Dakkus.


According to the watchmaker. this new set of window displays are the result of a long period of research and development. The idea of creating a project that is as local as possible, therefore defined that the displays will be made from beech which lines the forests of the Vallée de Joux.

The trays and pedestals composed of slats shaped in beech will thus highlight the creations of Claude Meylan.
These elements are assembled with an ecological glue, naturally biodegradable. Two pediments, one in aluminium and the other, removable and in PET, respectively highlight the signature and the theme of the staging.


To complete the process beautifully, the writings which feature the brand name CLAUDE MEYLAN are printed using water-based ink. The durability of the objects is thus protected by a water-based varnish to ensure full recycling.

These materials are not only a topic to innovate and become the first perfectly recyclable display case stage, but they also allow a play of superposition between PET and aluminium that will animate the display case according to the subjects and themes decided throughout the year. With this project, Maison CLAUDE MEYLAN confirms its commitment to responsible and sustainable development.

Claude Meylan, Innovators From The Vallée de Joux To The World

CLAUDE MEYLAN is a proud company based in Vallée de Joux, a location dedicated to watchmaking. The roots of the Swiss watchmaker is its major inspiration. The Swissness gathers a tremendous amount of cultural references and Claude Meylan uses this heritage to tell stories of tomorrow. The Vallée de Joux and its lake is a big inspiration for the Swiss watchmaker.


The Company is one of the four historical families founding fine watchmaking: in the middle of the 18th century, Samuel Olivier Meylan and Abraham-Samuel Meylan were introduced to the watchmaking arts in Rolle and Fleurier. Back in Vallée de Joux, Samuel-Olivier Meylan designs and manufactures pocket watches equipped with movements and music discs and, naturally, the passion for movement becomes a family tradition. CLAUDE MEYLAN strengthens its heritage and extends its know-how by “undressing” and decorating each element of the movement.

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When Luxury brands decide to go sustainable, there are many solutions available. It is all a matter of good will and also it can be a good challenge for innovation. Out of a challenge, you can find a path to a different way to do things and still maintain the prestige and the elegance.

Arsène Wargas
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