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When it comes to high end luxury real estate, home buyers are precise as to what exactly they are looking for. According to the CEO and President of Better Homes and Gardens, Sherry Chris, prospective high-end luxury home buyers aren’t as concerned with size as one might imagine, but rather, they are looking for all those exotic amenities which are lacking in the average home. As a realtor or homeowner looking to sell your property, here is some of what prospective home buyers are looking for in a luxury property.

Top on the List – Outdoor Rooms

What the real estate section of found when conducting a survey is that outdoor rooms are hot at the moment. These rooms are open to air typically on three sides and come complete with fireplaces, exotic plants and even stone pizza ovens. Luxury homes tend to do the most entertaining outdoors most months of the year, and so an exotic garden or exotic plants are of prime importance. No ordinary shrub or flowering annual will do.

A Guamuchil Tree by Any Other Name…

Here’s one you probably haven’t heard of but if you are looking for high-end property, no self-respecting lawn and garden would be without a Guamuchil tree. Believe it or not, these exotic trees are known by more than 30 different names, depending on the location where they are grown, for the most part. The only thing to be aware of, according to, is that these trees do eventually reach a height of up to 50 feet even though they begin to flower and produce fruit after just two years. You wouldn’t want them too close to your home!


Green Living Is a Must for Today’s Luxury Activist

Perhaps one of the reasons why the Guamuchil tree is so trendy is because of the healthy benefits of the Pithecellobium Dulce (botanical name) and strong flavor of the legumes. These are often used in Indian and Mexican cuisines and are a great conversation piece when entertaining out-of-town guests not familiar with tropical exotics. Green living goes beyond a sustainable lifestyle in the traditional understanding of the word, and so all foods and edibles are usually harvested from organic local sources.

Saunas, Spas, Pools and Zen Gardens


Oddly, luxury homes of the 21st Century focus more on outdoor living. Perhaps it’s not so strange after all since the luxury lifestyle focuses on green living. Saunas, spas, pools and Zen gardens are a big hit with the high-end buyer. Instead of adding extra living space if you are going to put your luxury home on the market, consider a whole new approach to landscaping and outdoor amenities.

The key takeaway from all this is that luxury real estate is really all about real estate and less about the structures on the property. If you want to fetch the highest selling price for a luxury home, focus on more than just curb appeal. Develop your landscaping with green outdoor entertaining in mind. If you can accomplish that, you’ll not be on the MLS for very long. Your real estate will be green in more ways than one!


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