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When people think of student accommodation, they often imagine one room with a wardrobe and not much space. While student accommodation can vary from place to place, there is a newer type of student house that is nothing like you would imagine. Luxury student apartments are now becoming more prevalent in and around universities. They offer a higher specification and more facilities than traditional accommodation. Here are some of the reasons you might choose a luxury apartment.

Better Locations

Often, student accommodation is located in cheaper areas of a city, and that is not often beneficial to its occupants. As a student, you want to be as close to your university as possible, and luxury apartments are usually located in prime locations that make attending lectures much easier, and saves on commuting costs because you are often within walking distance.

Tighter Security

Although the security for student accommodation, in general, is usually good, the luxury apartments typically have a concierge on-site as well as CCTV in operation. This is a great benefit for the students, but also assures parents that their son or daughter is safe and less likely to become a victim of crime.


Student accommodation is usually equipped with white goods and furniture such as beds and closets, so that students don’t have to transport large pieces of furniture every time they move accommodation. However, the furniture that is used in traditional apartments will usually be basic and designed to be functional. With the high-end luxury student accommodation such as that provided by Alermo Student Mansions, the décor and the furniture is of an exceptional quality and has design merit to provide the best experience possible, for example, flat screen TVs and a fully fitted kitchen.


Better On-Site Facilities

One of the main differences between traditional student accommodation and the luxury equivalent is the on-site facilities. Some higher-end student apartments even have a gym, cinema and study spaces where students can work without any disturbance. Having these types of facility on-site can make it easier. However, you will need to determine if they are the types of thing you will need. The broadband in luxury apartments is also usually of a better specification with a faster service and fewer restrictions.

Easier Parking

For those students that drive, finding accommodation that has good parking facilities can be difficult. That is especially the case for universities that are located in or around cities. You will typically find that the luxury apartments will have on-site parking or a dedicated parking area nearby. Having such access to parking is also a benefit when moving in and out of the accommodation rather than having to carry your belongings many blocks.

Apartment Cleaning

Luxury student accommodation typically ensures that utilities are included within the rent rate of the properties, and in some, even extra services such cleaning are included too. By not having to have a student to be responsible directly for the bills, it means that they will definitely be paid and conflict as to who owes what can be avoided.

These additional details are what separate luxury accommodation from the more traditional types, and will allow the student to focus on what is really important at this time: studying.


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