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A List Of 5 Guitarists Of The Current Generation

You may have read many lists mentioning the greatest guitar players of all time. These lists tend to become repetitive, with many of the same rock stars making it to the top of the list. We decided to highlight the major guitar players who have been in the limelight in the last 10 years.

1. Chris Broderick

He made his debut as the lead guitarist of Megadeth on 4th February, 2008. He has toured the world in the last few years playing at sold out stadiums. He re-invented the band as proved by their albums Endgame and THIRT3EN. He appreciates all guitar playing styles. This year, he was on the GiganTour.

2. Tosin Abasi

He is famous for playing the 8 string guitar. Tosin is the part of Animals as Leaders. He made way with the release of ‘Illusion of Democracy’ in 2004 with the band Reflux. He did a single in 2010 titled Wave of Babies. Apart from Animal as Leaders, he has also been the lead guitarist for Born of Osiris. He has been touring different countries in 2012 with his band.

3. Dan Auerbach

He is the part of the rock group The Black Keys from Ohio. He is best known for playing blues music on his guitar. He also released a solo album in 2009 name Keep It HID. He has progressed from his lawn-mowing days to traveling band tour vans and from playing for empty bars to jam-packed halls.

4. Stephen Carpenter

He is the lead guitarist of Deftones, a rock band. His career began with the band where he started off with a 6 string guitar. He moved on to the 8 string guitar in 2010 with the album release; Diamond eyes. The Koi No Yokan album released this year also showcased Stephen playing an 8 string guitar.

5. Brad Delson

He is the part of the famous rock band, Linkin Park. He added creativity into the remix album, Reanimation, which was released in 2002. Minutes to Midnight released in 2007 allowed Brad to experiment with different guitars, both new and old. He has been towards shred in recent times, and is known was wearing large headphones while playing the guitar.

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By Liz Becker


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