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Christina_Aguilera Bionic
Bionic cover, source: wikipedia

Christina Aguilera is launching a new album, her 4th, in June called BI-ON-IC. Miss Aguilera says this album will be more futuristic, and the contrary of the previous one called Back to Basics… The first single is called Not Myself Tonight and it really gives the tone of the album. The song was written by Ester Dean, well known american song-writer. She wrote songs for Chris Brown, Rihanna, The Pussy Cat Dolls, M. J. Blige… Here below the new videoclip.

After watching it, I think the song title is very appropriate. There is 2 ways to watch this clip. Either you close your eyes and then you get a Madonna song or you look to the images and then you see Lady Gaga.

Why Christina, Why? Why did you add this Lady Gaga touch on your video? We can see this kind of Glamour soft-porn touch that goes well with Lady Gaga but definetely not with Xtina. We lost all the “dancer-Pop-RnB” attitude here. The song is not bad although we could see some Madonna from the 90’s… Erotica album…. The Girlie Show… Well nothing really new.
I must say I was quite disapointed, especially because I am a big fan of Miss Aguilera. Well, let’s hope the next ones will be better.
What do you think ? Am I wrong? Please, tell me I am wrong…