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Fashion Roundup: Rihanna discovered the next best thing in music- Miss Cara Delevingne

Katie Holmes on Allure

Each week FashionTV rounds up the most fashionable highlights of the week buzzing on the net. From the best cover shot of the week to sexy trends and amazing videos!

Cover Shot of the Week: Single lady Katie Holmes shows some skin on Allure’s April edition and looks gorgeous as ever. Katie talks about her hopes for 2013, opens up about her family life, and breaks down her fashion style over the years. (Pop Sugar)

Hot in the News: Rihanna is helping out her BFF Cara Delevingne launch a music career! With such good friends, how can you go wrong? According to reports, in the recent London Fashion Week the two decided to take their two year relationship a step forward. Cara is planning to head on over to Los Angeles for the new venture, while RiRi will help her set up and introduce her to some important people. (Entertainment Wise)

Sexy Alert: Spring Breakers is soon to hit theaters worldwide and already anticipated to be blockbuster hit. But if that’s not enough, this movie looks like it’s going to invade our closets as well. WWD reports that Opening Ceremony is rolling out with a new Spring Breakers Spring Collection of mesh jerseys, bikinis, sneakers, and more. (MTV Style)

Trend Spotter: Wedding dresses are always relevant for somebody, maybe that’s why people love seeing new designs and trends, especially when there is a slew of celeb couples that are heading down the aisle Keep a close watch on the wedding designs to come from engagees Keira Knightley, Olivia Wilde, Miley Cyrus, and Sofia Vergara! (Refinery 29)

Designer Special: Everybody wants a piece of hot property Cara Delevingne… Take a look at Karl Lagerfeld on the cover of Melissa Magazine as he poses with Delevingne and photographed a 16-page editorial inside. Another dozen pages inside focus on Lagerfeld including an in-depth interview. (WWD)

Cool Video Spot: Who wants ribs? Jourdan Dunn is not only one of the hottest models around, but if you’ve been following her e-show “Well Dunn,” you will know that she is quite a cook. In the season finale, Dunn shows us how to make Chinese sweet and sour ribs, revealing her true taste for Asian cuisine. Take a look:

Who’s a hotter model right now- Cara Delevingne or Jourdan Dunn


Fashion Roundup: Rihanna discovered the next best thing in music- Miss Cara Delevingne