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Limousine is finally launching its second album, simply called II. Author in 2009 of the sublime soundtrack for the short film Lila (french Cesars 2010), the training led by Laurent Bardainne (Poni Hoax), DavidAknin (Jamaica, Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya), Maxime Delpierre (Viva & TheDiva , Paris) and Frédéric Soulard (Maestro) composed instrumental music, both pop and jazz at a time.

From an hypnotic feeling towards a more intimate and warmhearted vibration, Limousine brings to the world what we could define as a positive message. It is elegant, crystal clear with a friendly smile on top.

They tell you a story that you are happy to listen to and each song is a new story full of surprises.

Discover this beautiful album here:

So, while winter is somewhere freezing outside, just take a big cup of tea, sit down, relax and feel your dreams just taking you for a walk…


info sourced from official Limousine press release @elegangz 
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