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Last night was the MTV Video Music Awards. Year by year they make it bigger, stronger and with more stars. And every year, the goal is to sign the biggest performance of all. So each artist prepares himself like the half-time Super-Bowl.

This year, 3 artists competed for the best live performance. Yes, nothing to do with the awards, just to show up and to make the buzz. So the nominees are Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. Probably from these 3 performers, Miley Cyrus definitely won. If you did not see it why yet, just check it here:

So Lady Gaga, bizarre as usual. Lots of costumes, wigs and dancers. Miley Cirus showed basically her body (to stay polite) and Katy Perry, well, she did what she could. According to people faces, everything was pretty boring but I would keep 2 major moments : Justin Timberlake huge performance, reviewing all his career successes and of course Daft Punk!

Rather than talk about Kanye West or One Direction, useless, we got interested on the history of the MTV Video Music Awards. It started in 1984 on the initiative of MTV. It was supposed to complete the Grammy Awards that was not rewarding video-clips.

Madonna has the record of awards with 21 MTV Video Music Awards. And she deserves it as she gave the tone to the MTV VMA. Remember in 1984, it was the first edition of it and we saw Madonna coming out of a cake dressed like a bride and singing “Like a Virgin”. She was wearing a belt saying “ToyBoy”. My first edgy moment on TV… Flashback:

This moment on Madonna’s career, sealed the relationship of at least 4 generations together to her path. We would support her to death. And her performance could wash away any Miley Cirus or Lady Gaga.

1992, MTV executives asked Nirvana not to perform the song “Rape me”. Instead they requested for “Smell Like Teen Spirit” or “Lithium”. When the live performance came, Nirvana started by singing the first notes of “Rape me” which horrified all MTV execs. Kurt Cobain and his band just moved on to “Lithium”. At that time, the bassist just waved like in the military service, showing that they were accomplishing orders.

In 1995, Michael Jackson performed the longest performance ever on the show. 15mn ! At this moment, he was invincible. All the greater of Michael Jackson condensed in a 15mn titanic performance. Lay back and enjoy it here:

2003 made one of the biggest buzz with a triple performance of Madonna, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. Indeed, they sang together Like a Virgin, dressing like brides and at the end of the performance, Madonna kisses on the mouth Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. This video turned around the world for most than a year.

2006 is an important year. For the first time, the people watching the show on TV can vote for their best artists. In 2010, Lady Gaga gets 13 nominations, which is a record and 2 video-clips in the category best video of the year.

2009 was the “punch on your face” buzz. Indeed when country singer Taylor Swift got her first award as Best female video, Kanye West just interrupted her moment to say that Beyonce deserved to win that award. Probably something that the rapper will regret all his life.

2012 was the biggest ceremony ever gathering more than 12 million viewers. Twitter exploded with 8’868 tweets per second.  How has this happened? Well, Beyonce revealed her baby bump and the fact she was pregnant. It was tsunami.

So now you know a little more that you thought about the MTV Video Music Awards.


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