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This fall, Robbie Williams is releasing his ninth studio album called Take the Crown. Here are the details.


The album was already released in the UK beginning of November and it contains already a big hit with the song “Candy”. Check here the official video clipin which we can see Robbie Williams in the role of an Angel.


It is a Pop song and the theme is about a girl who thinks she is simply great! “Candy” was written by Robbie Williams, Gary Barlow and Terje Olsen, while production was handled by Jacknife Lee.

The album contains 11 songs and here is the track listing:

  1. Be a boy
  2. Gospel
  3. Candy
  4. Different
  5. Shit on the Radio
  6. All that I want
  7. Hunting for you
  8. Into the Silence
  9. Hey wow Yeah Yeah
  10. Not like the others
  11. Losers (featuring Lissie)
The Deluxe version has 2 more songs: Reverse and the famous Eight Letters. This one was fully performed by Robbie Williams while he was part of Take That. So the fans will recognize it.

It is already N.1 in 3 different countries and in the top 10 best sales in several. With this album, Robbie Williams delivers a true Pop album and his voice is brilliantly highlighted. A dose of good humor, elegance, sexiness and some hints of Rock give the perfect cocktail for a good album. From The Guardian, the independent, to The Daily Telegraph… all experts agree on a quite positive opinion about this album. They all say it is a good album for the fans and for those who have one or 2 albums from the british singer.

You can legally buy the album here:




So if you are looking for some color in this fall, you need this album.


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