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The concept of what makes us a “man” has been changing since gossip magazines have hit the shelves.

The magazines talk to women (and men) telling them that it’s important to always stay sensitive, to give up on the “hard edged” activities, and that there isn’t room for the “macho-type” in our society anymore.

No way.

In a bit of rebellion, men have taken to external items to prove our masculinity and through it we have rekindled a primordial passion for what makes us “tick”.

The following is a cross-selection of activities and items which will truly make you feel masculine (when everyone else is giving your grief):

·  Firearms – There is something wildly fascinating about firing a gun (even if you don’t necessarily agree with owning one). A gun immediately confirms that you are in power; especially if you’re firing tactical guns which make you feel like a professional. Spending time to gain your concealed weapons permit can be a very beneficial (and reaffirming) activity if you want to feel in charge; you will rediscover what it felt like, in some fashion, when you had to hunt your own food to guarantee your survival.


·  Computers – Computers aren’t just for the geek-types these days. Men can feel at home accessing the Internet by discovering a variety of materials that will boost their engagement and interest whatever their fascination. Gadgets seem to fascinate us on a whole different level mainly because they are tools to serve an end-purpose. In our hands, we hold tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and other portable devices which allow us unlimited access to whatever we wish to learn. You can find real value and pride in learning about the world and applying it to your life when they have access to this information.


·  Traveling (like a boss) – You’re at the airport with ticket in hand waiting for the flight to arrive; there is nothing as exhilarating as knowing that you’re off on a wild adventure to an undiscovered land. Men have always been the “explorer-type”, whether it’s Christopher Columbus discovering America or whether you’re the first person on the moon. Traveling is amazing for the psyche because it unlocks our creative thinking (along with empathy); the combination of these two makes us better human beings because we’re able to sympathize with other cultures and apply those life lessons to our own. Traveling takes a commitment of uprooting oneself to explore the world but, once started, it’s a matter of living life as it comes.


The three things that we’ve been “missing”, as males, has really come down to the “wild west” feeling of holding a gun (responsibly, that is), digging deep into gadgets to fulfill our quest to learn about our world (without having to rely on others), and exploration of the world around us through an adventurous spirit. These three actions are testosterone-pumped and awaiting your decision; you won’t need to live a luxurious lifestyle to benefit from these items – simply that you embrace them as men would in the “olden days”.

By Liz Becker


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