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Strength versus fragility; these are the elemental themes of 830 Sign’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Art Director Mariavittoria Soldi contrasts her inspirations for this season’s range: the fortitude and endurance of architecture by Bauhaus is united with elegant yet powerful performances that date as far back as the 19th century, from women such as Mary Wigman, Pina Bausch and Martha Graham. The range is designed for the today’s hybrid woman who is one of many things: powerful, creative, assertive and elegant.

The shape and purity of the garments become puppets to the body; they travel according to its movements, and subsequently act as a second skin. The body and 830 Sign’s clothing are portrayed as one, ‘two separate souls that exist within one body’. Ultimately, the aim is to have a range that will provide as much longevity as the body does, both in terms of quality and style.


830 Sign’s Beyond the Body