Beauty spot: home nail effects

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Models Owns Nail Art Pens

Models Own Nail Art Pens, 5 from

The nail, once a simple neutral flesh cover, a keratin tarp pulled over our tender finger meat, is now a feature wall, ripe for decoration. It is, though, isn’t it? After years of nail-colour trends, a varnishless hand looks naked. This year, nail art is more accessible than ever, with high-street brands offering stickers and pens for you to experiment with at home. I like Models Own’s Nail Art Pens (5,, perfect for writing H.A.T.E from first finger to thumb, or blobbing curious eyes on to nails so it looks like your hands are confused.


Barry M Croc Effects 3.99,
LCN Nail Art Biro 5.75,
Sally Hansen Glitz Blitz 9.29,
Laqa & Co Polish Pen 9.50,

Treatment of the week: Pay as you go

They say that 20 minutes on Spa InterContinental’s dry flotation therapy bed is equivalent to four hours’ sleep. Mix and match a session with treatments, like the excellent facial and manicure, from 22.50 for 15 minutes (

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Beauty spot: home nail effects


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