Beauty spot: where to wear eye shadow

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The fashionable way to wear eye shadow right now is sort of not really on your eye. Bear with me. It’s near your eye. It’s up on your brow bone rather than hidden away in the crease. It’s a proper splash of bright matte colour, applied with a brave ring finger, in a shade you might find in a nursery school’s soft-play area. Purple’s good, as is bright reddish pink. And then some odd greeny turquoise colours, too, achieved by smudging two shades together right there, there on the face. Try Givenchy’s Le Prisme Yeux Quatuor in Blossoms (35, 01932 233 824) smeared on boldly, and then a sheer pink lip, as if you’ve been on the Chupa Chups.


Beauty spot: where to wear eye shadow


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