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FashionTV gives you a look at three of the most memorable Avant-garde fashion moments in history. Creative fashion visions, extravagant inspirations, and models that truly put on a show are all included…

All fashion shows are very similar to each other. They generally begin with music to set the mood, then the first face emerges leading other stunning models in a parade on the catwalk, and finally the designer appears waving to an applauding audience. With such similar routines, many fashion shows don’t manage to leave a mark on the crowd, while some of them do it big time.

FashionTV presents you with three of the best Avant-garde runway shows of the past decade. As part of our 15-year anniversary celebration we are taking you front row and back in time to relive those extravagant and unforgettable fashion moments.

John Galliano – Spring 1997

Top designer John Galliano has had countless Avant-garde designs go down the runway during his outstanding career. However, his Spring 1997 show was a spectacle that beat them all; the show included a rope, two chairs, and lots of room for the models to flirt with the crowd. The dresses and suits he designed were inspired by tribal and baroque motifs. This playful and ultra-innovative show was refreshing and of exceptional standards.

Nearly twenty years after the show’s debut, we can honestly say that Galliano is one of the most sophisticated and talented designers the world has ever seen. His designs were, and still are, innovative, creative, and memorable.

Alexander McQueen – Fall 2003

The late Alexander McQueen is responsible for some of the most extravagant and outstandingly Avant-garde moments in the fashion industry. For his fall 2003 collection, the designer took the crowd on a magnificent journey of far-east inspirations and creative additions of graphic and modern art.

The collection displayed unforgettable hats, unique dresses, and a brilliant runway design that marked the show an unforgettable moment in fashion history.

Jean Charles de Castelbajac

Although he is less known than the first two designers on our list, Jean Charles de Castelbajac has also landed a spot in the making of fashion history with a mesmerizing Avant-garde show in 1998. Printed floor-length gowns, along with sexy jackets, and one overly dramatic black dress were just some of de Castelbajac’s extravagant designs.

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Fashion Flashback: The Best Avant-garde Moments in Fashion History