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Having a Great Time On A Road Trip


Road trips, the breath of fresh air that you needed to get back in touch with who you are. Expensive airfares and train tickets are driving people back to the road. If you have children with you, then you already know that you have to stop often.

If you have children who require extra items for their disabilities then you have to plan to take them to places that allow for that. You can still take them everywhere but in these cases you want to make sure that you are still easily able to safely navigate through the places you choose to go. Grab that conversion van and hit the road.

Some places to go:

Northeast or New England
Freeport Portland

Visit Route 1 from Portland, Maine to Acadia National Park. You might even want to visit Freeport, Maine to take a peak at the local L.L. Bean store and get a few lobsters in you while you are there.

Mid Atlantic states

Hit DC, the Capital has a ton of museums and places to visit, Check out Cape Hatteras, MC and Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. Don’t forget to grab some of that famous BBQ.


What about the Florida keys? Don’t you love them? Visit the gatos while you are out there and dine on some frog legs and alligator bites. You can also swim with the dolphins and visit the beach. After all, what’s more beautiful than a white sandy beach in one place when everyone in the north is donning winter boots and hats to brave old man winter’s embrace?


The fabled Route 66 is calling you. Think that this former Mian street USA has nothing to offer? You would be wrong. You can even sleep in a Wigwam at the Wigwam Village Motel in Holbrook. Then visit the Grand Canyon.

These trips are perfect for children of all ages. Plus in many cases the areas are accessible for children with disabilities. If you are getting ready to leave on any of these make sure to print out some maps to take with you in case that trusty GPS fails. AAA offers a plethora of maps to print and view. Also, the America’s Byways site sponsored by the U.S department of Transportation offers information on family trips to take along the way.

Most importantly, Road Food is a site dedicated to helping you find loyal places to eat on your travels. Eating while traveling is one of the most expensive things you can do.Other sites include TripWiser and Tripadvisor and SeeAmerica. These sites will be extremely helpful plus you can access them on your computer or iPhone while traveling.

Have a safe trip!

By Liz Becker


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