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Best foot forward: time for a pedicure. Photograph: Eamonn Mccabe for the Observer

In the olden days, they’d cut the dry skin off a woman’s heel in order to count the rings and work out her age. We’ve come a long way since then, those days when we had to walk 20 miles to school every morning over ice, glass and blades, and then when we got there we were only allowed in if we wore ear plugs because the lessons were deemed too “incendiary” for female ears. Yeah. But our feet – still they are tough. Butter London has launched a new pedicure collection of products that do disgusting things quite beautifully – like the Rock Off Glycolic Callus Peel (25, butterlondon.com), which dissolves hard skin off your heels, and the Mucky Pups Foot Wipes (13) for when “your dogs are barking”. Summer has been promised to us. So start pumicing today.


Dirty Works Pedicure Set 9.99, sainsburys.com
Cowshed Hand and Foot Treatment 38, cowshedonline.com
Tweezerman Nail Rescue Kit 22, asos.com

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Home pedicures


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