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Travel is one of the best experiences we can commit to in our lives, but that does not mean it is accessible to everyone. While travel itself if becoming more affordable, it can still be very pricey. This can mean far too many people feel like they cannot afford that big trip overseas when in reality all they really need to do is change their definition of travel, and start planning better. The more you plan, the better you can budget and save. You can travel luxuriously on a budget; you just need to follow these steps to help you get there:

Choose Slow Travel When You Can

Slow travel is the best way to go because you can see so much more of the destinations you choose. Not only that, it often works out to be much cheaper in the long run, than, say, trying to see three European capitals at once. This is because there are often discounts for people who stay at an accommodation for more than a week. Not to mention, you can often find accommodation that has a kitchen or kitchenette and reduce your spending by making your own food that way. Alternatively, you can go at it alone, and enjoy a road and camping trip to minimize all costs and maximize the travel experience.

Buy Your Own Vehicle

Road trips are impossibly freeing. Between friends, they can also be very cost effective. By choosing the right vehicle, however, you can continue to have epic travels on a minimal budget, simply by choosing a vehicle that is large enough to camp in as well. Perfect of adventurists and outdoorsmen, you can convert any minivan or large convertible into a second home with ease. Before you go jetting off, however, remember that the vehicle you use should be as cost-effective to drive as possible. Over time, it could be very worthwhile to trade up and buy a new hybrid vehicle. There is even bad credit car finance available if you need it, so don’t let rising gasoline prices get you down.


Go with Like-minded Friends

If you go with one friend who wants to splurge and live the high life, this can easily shoot down any ideas of being budget friendly. That is why it is best to go with like-minded friends and to agree on a group budget per day in advance. This shouldn’t bar anyone from getting souvenirs or even picking up some street food, but it should dictate what you do. If you want to be budget-friendly, skip the club and instead focus on culture-based activities, and so on. The better you plan, the more deals and budget-friendly fun activities you can find and do.

Start Budgeting Well in Advance

The best part about planning is that you can also figure out how much it will cost in advance. This way you can all save up what you need to pay for museum tickets, flights, accommodation, and events before you even arrive. From there, it is all about bringing some pocket money to help complete the experience once you arrive.

Travel does not have to be expensive, and adhering to a budget does not have to mean that you lose out on fun activities. Choose a slower means of travel, choose a vehicle that can double as a camping setup, and travel with likeminded friends to make the most of your next budget trip.


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