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Kaskade is usually mislabeled as being a woman, a band or a group of artists. Kaskade is actually a single-man artist named Ryan Raddon. He’s a world-famous DJ that specializes in electronic-dance music. Kaskade utilizes soothing basslines and intense energy. He rose to fame around the time of Deadmau5, and he has successfully been a part of making EDM mainstream. To the delight of his fans all across the world, Kascade tickets are back on sale.

Rise To Fame

Kaskade began his career in 2001, and he quickly rose to fame from that point on. He signed with Ultra records in 2006. This officially set his career on fire. He routinely releases hit singles that dominate the music charts. Kaskade tickets are always a hot topic, and they sell out as quickly as they are announced.



Deadmau5 and Kaskade are close, and they often collaborate together. Their hit song “Move For Me” is a club favorite around the world. Kaskade enjoys working with artists to further improve the EDM world. Mash-ups and remixes are huge with him. He has done remixes of everyone’s music from Justin Timberlake to Skrillex. Remixes create an interesting style that is perfect for clubs. His intensity and musical skill makes everything he does sound fantastic.

Kaskade On Tour

He has made major appearances at events like Electric Daisy Carnival and Wonderland, but he continues to tour solo as well. Las Vegas is a popular hang-out spot for Kaskade, and he can usually be found spinning at the Marquee club located in the Cosmopolitan. His tours span around the world. Upcoming appearances will be in Italy, Australia and Puerto Rico.

Inspiring Others

Music has the potential to inspire people to do great things. The amazing thing about EDM is that it is felt. There are minimal lyrics in this style of music. Everything is left up to interpretation. Breakout artists frequently mention Kaskade as an inspirational force for their music. His style and sound is certainly unique.

Everywhere All The Time

Everywhere you go you are likely to hear something that Kaskade has taken part in. With his various projects, you are likely to hear your favorite song remixed by him. He has a skill in taking music and turning it into the perfect club or party song. His presence in the music world is unavoidable. Electronic-dance music hasn’t always been so mainstream. Kaskade has successfully changed the tides and has put EDM on the charts for the first time in history.

Kaskade is always on the top of charts and in demand. Even though he didn’t become a household name until 2009, he has been working as a DJ for over a decade.

If you ever get the chance to see him live, get your tickets early and go. You are sure to have the time of your life experiencing his music in a live venue. He is loved and adored around the world as one of the best EDM musicians out there so if you are interested get your Kaskade tickets early as they usually go fast.

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