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Poker became one of the strongest growth in gaming in the past 10 years. From simple and nice evenings with friends and family to super world tournaments, Poker has definitely entered our lives. We also know that online Poker contributed a lot to the generalization of it. Here are the figures for 2011 of the online Poker business. Just huge.

Poker world figures

But how did Poker survive so many years, decades and even centuries and what will make it being around for the next years too? Well, some people think that there is a kind of power attitude that people seek on Poker and others would say that it is one of the most universal card games (in terms of logic).

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photo: Todd Klassy

I think that Poker is more than that. Great Poker players would say that, while Bridge is a “chance” game, Poker is a game from the soul. One needs a lot of personality, focus and will to win a poker tournament. When it comes to professional poker, today’s level is very high. World tournaments are organized all around the world and TV coverage is bigger than many other world class events.


As an example ESPN uses 40 cameras to cover each WSOP (World Series Of Poker) and only 32 cameras for the Super Bowl in the US. We are far away from the small little games of Saturday evening at home. Also many online players win places in real live tournaments and sometimes the pressure can strike them out. So if you wish to go pro you definitely need to pay attention to certain rules.  The Poker lifestyle is very precise and needs a kind of devotion. Of course there are limits. No one wishes to become dependent on the game, or to loose any social life. You need to find the right balance between the commitment to your fellow players and keeping your emotions away. Sun glasses are definitely not enough. If you respect the rules, then your life can change for better. If we just consider the WSOP, 200 players became millionaires thanks to their earnings.

So do not loose your hand!


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