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The moment we enter that phase in our relationship or sexual partnership where we find ourselves trying to find new ways to bring spice and excitement into the bedroom, many tend to forget about the erotic play that may come with adding some sex furniture into the picture. Before you completely rule out the concept of sex furniture and chairs, why not continue reading and find out more about some of the best bedroom furniture to spice up your love life. Not only do you get to try new things and positions but of course, who doesn’t love a good redecorating from time to time? 

So let’s take a look at some of the sex furniture we found could add some spice and sugar to your sex life and of course, add some necessary ingredients into the recipe of love and erotica. 

Take A Seat

The most common furniture used to add a little sexy to the sex play are chairs or stools. When opting for a sex chair, take into consideration the space you are working with and of course your personal style. Decide on how discreet your furniture should be as well as what shape and design you think would work best for what positions have in mind. If you enjoy being on top, then embracing the chair and how it offers a comfortable and elevated experience to your sex play, would definitely be the way to go. There are various types of chairs to choose from and it will all depend on your needs and preferences. 


Ramp Up The Comfort

If you struggle with back pain or discomfort when trying adventurous floor positions then trying out some of the comfortable cushions and sex pillows or ramps could certainly do the trick. From wanting deeper penetration through trying out an elevated pelvis or even getting down on the ground without having to feel uncomfortable whilst being able to sustain longer sexual pleasure and fun; the cushion ramp or pillows can support and tantalise your sexual experiences. Stack them away for discreet storage and simply invite it back into the room when you are ready to ramp up the sexy and get down with your partner. 

Lose Control And Gain Pleasure

For those who enjoy the thought of some BDSM or bondage play, then trying out some of the erotic restraint and bondage boards available could certainly heat things up in the bedroom. Depending on the type of bondage you are inclined to and how much control you are willing to either take or relinquish, the bondage boards are portable and easy to personalise with any type of straps, restraints and cuffs you are intrigued by. Let your partner explore all of you as you lose control and gain pleasure in ways you have never imagined. Intensify your orgasms and sexual desires by taking your love life to the next level and either dominate or be dominated.


Glide And Trust

One of the most innovative sex toys and furniture pieces to introduce into your love life or bedroom, whether it is for your personal pleasure through solo play or with a partner, is the monkey rocker or glider sex machines. This machine has incorporated a seat into a straddling pleasure that either has a dildo or vibrator built-in, allowing you to sit comfortably as the glider does the work for you. Let your partner in on the action as they caress and tease during the rocking penetration and thrust motion of the glider and reach climaxes that will make you beg for more. Choose from various designs allowing you to sit comfortably and choose which sex toy you want to incorporate into your glide and thrust fun.  


King And Queen Pleasures

One of the interesting sex furniture items we found that certainly makes the list is known as the queening or kinging stools. This is a sexy little seat or stool designed to have you or your partner sit comfortably as you prepare for some sensual oral play. Simply sit down and relax as your partner lays down below the stool to meet your oral desires. Move your body in a seated position to get all the oral pleasure you enjoy. 

A Swinging Pleasure

Last but not least is the very fun and playful introduction of the sex swing or sling into your bedroom. Whether you are trying this out for the first time or perhaps you want to try out different types of sex swings, you definitely will not fall short of any excitement and intrigue. The structures are stabilised by being fixed onto a frame or even suspended firmly into the ceiling. It all depends on how discreet and how often you plan on swinging into some erotic pleasure. 

Sex swings come with all sorts of accessories such as arm and leg straps, hanging bars to suspend yourself as your partner swings you to their desire. If you enjoy being penetrated at certain elevated angles, then introducing the sex sling into your bedroom or anywhere in your house could add that extra spice and spontaneity you’ve been craving. Take a look at some erotic sex swings from Badum Tish to get you heated up.

Introducing sex furniture into your bedroom not only gives you a reason to potentially renovate or explore some sexy interior decorating options but more importantly, it will add a unique essence to your sexual pleasures and experiences. Try out various positions you may not have been able to do without the aid of sex furniture, encourage more comfortable experiences for those who struggle with back or body support, and relax in the comfort of your own company as you explore your sexuality spread out on lavish sex couches and chairs. 

The great element of introducing sex furniture into your love life is that it is not only targeted at partners or sexual relationships but certainly can spice up your masturbation and quality sexy play with yourself. You can explore what tickles you, how you prefer to be penetrated and take yourself to heightened pleasures you have never reached before.

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