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Buying a house can be quite a stressful time, you want to make sure that the property you buy will be the home that you and your family are dreaming of. At the same time, it can be really hard to know exactly how a home will look and feel until you’ve actually moved in and started decorating!

It’s a really good idea to have a think about some of the decorative touches you could put in place while you’re still viewing prospective properties, to help you to better understand what potential they have before you commit to buy.


Gardens don’t need to be enormous to feel luxurious. By making a few simple choices you can absolutely transform the outside space in a property:

  • Adding ivy will give a sense of lushness, and it will also help to soften any stark surfaces. Plus, it will help to give your space a sense of history.
  • Investing in good-quality sun loungers and patio furniture will make your outside space feel lavish and will make it more comfortable to be in, to boot.
  • The addition of crushed gravel pathways will give your space a European feel.
  • Illuminating your garden is one of the most important things you can do to give your garden a sense of opulence. Be sure to highlight important features like plants and architectural features, as well as providing illumination for pathways.

When you’re viewing houses with gardens, think about some of the ways that you would add these features and see if you think the space has the potential to be the lush space that you deserve.


Kitchen and Bathroom

There are multiple things that you can do to make your bathroom and kitchen look costly and luxurious. For example, you might decorate with a lighter hue to convey an air of space, and be sure to replace aging cabinet doors. You can also make your room look fantastic simply by updating some of the fixtures and fittings.

Of course, the most important part of your kitchen and bathroom is the appliances and the bathroom’s suite itself. If you really want to convey an air of luxury then ensuring that these things are new and up to date is a must.

This is an important thing to consider when you are choosing your home. If you choose to opt for an older house, then you will have the additional cost of replacing the kitchens and bathrooms to bring them up to date. However, buying a new build property like those on offer from Linden Homes means that you won’t need to do this, because all of their properties come with brand new kitchens and bathrooms. Plus you won’t even have to redecorate!


Lounge and Bedrooms

One of the easiest ways to give your lounge and bedrooms a luxurious feel is through the furnishings. A huge plush bed or an enormous squishy sofa just screams opulence, so it’s important that you ensure that the home you buy has enough room for the luxury furniture that you want.

You can further add to the feeling of pure indulgence in the way that you decorate by using lots of layers of fabric in a variety of different textures.

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