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You go through a range of experiences and emotions during your lifetime that sometimes warrants some ‘me’ time. Many people find the notion of treating themselves as indulgent or that you might not have time to take out of your busy schedule to evaluate things. Treating yourself occasionally doesn’t have to be about buying things either, as just getting some relaxation or space to breathe can help you see things in a different light. With the stresses and pressures of everyday life, there will be times where you don’t feel enough recognition has been given or you feel sufficiently rewarded for your achievements. Even if someone else doesn’t acknowledge these, this doesn’t mean you aren’t entirely deserving of some praise. So if you feel like you need an excuse to have a little treat, take a look at some of the top reasons why you totally deserve it.

It can make you happier

It’s no surprise that treating yourself every now and again makes you happier on the inside and out. If you’re feeling at a particularly low ebb, then finding something that can cheer you up will work wonders for your mood. One of the most frequent times that you might feel unhappy or demotivated is when you are trying to save some cash, and you feel like you are depriving yourself of treats to satisfy your savings goals. Although you know the end goal is going to be amazing, in the meantime it can actually make you feel quite low that you can’t just go out and buy or do what you want to, or have some downtime.


At this point in time, it is important to allocate some money in your monthly budget to accommodate this treat time and make the most of the small yet significant amount of time and money you have to enjoy yourself. Treating yourself also doesn’t have to involve going out and buying the latest things, but if this is your idea of happiness, then go ahead and spend some cash or take a look at these credit cards for the best deals on purchases. Treating yourself might also come down to creating some time for yourself, so making sure you get this alone time can help you to feel refreshed and revived for a better state of mind.

You feel re-energized

Treating yourself has this helpful little way of making you feel fantastic, which in turn can make you feel reenergized and full of life. This type of feeling is especially great when you are feeling run down due to work commitments or stressful lifestyle situations that you need to take a break from. Feeling refreshed in the instances can bring a new outlook to problems and situations, and assist you in making better choices or bringing new ideas to the table. The perfect treat to yourself on a small scale is taking some time away from your desk each day. If you often feel tied to your office because you have so much work to do and feel guilty for taking any time away, then it’s time to change your mindset. This unhealthy viewpoint can actually stall productiveness and tasks may take longer to complete. So stepping away and going for a walk could help improve your work and give you a new viewpoint on your time management. Your overall wellbeing can be significantly enhanced when you decide to give yourself some time to relax and rejuvenate, so why not take a look at where you could make some time for yourself during the day or book that much-needed vacation time to start looking after your health and mental state.

You will give back more

If you’re continually feeling down or are just generally grumpy, you’re probably not much fun to be around, so giving yourself some much-needed timeout can help lift your spirits. This isn’t just good for you; it’s also great for everyone around you too. Treating yourself is ideal for making time for your needs and experiencing things that can make you happy which, in turn, rubs off on your attitude and outlook on life. This can help in all areas of your life including work relationships, family connections and building better friendships. This ‘me’ time can also help you re-evaluate the people you have in your life and how you can contribute to making their lives better or easier with advice or support when they need it most.

Treating yourself can set you in a better mood to resolve conflicts too, as some relationships can be more difficult than others. This new mindset will help you to overcome barriers and bring resolutions to the table with a positive attitude and could create the foundations for better communication and healthy relationships in the future. A positive outlook could also see you improve in workplace environments too, as this new approach and motivation to time management and productivity will see better working practices and results. Treating yourself and taking some time out could be great for your career and may help you to land that promotion to further your prospects.

You’ll be more motivated

One of the driving forces in being able to treat yourself is the motivation to succeed so you can enjoy it without feeling any guilt. This feeling is great for getting you focused on goals you want to achieve and helps you find better ways to realize them. An excellent way to give yourself treats is setting up a rewards system. This type of scheme is designed to provide you with some pointers and goals to work towards so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. It might be that you have a savings goal in mind and want to blow the cash on a lavish vacation once you hit the target or it might be that you need to finish a project to be able to take some time off and totally relax. Whatever the driving force is, motivation is contagious, and once you have achieved one goal, you’ll have the motivation and drive to move forward with others. This, in turn, can have amazing effects on both personal life and work life objectives and provides the catalyst to do better each time. In family life and friendship circles your motivation will also rub off on those closest to you, and this could help them see things in a different light and help them set their own goals. In work situations, you will enjoy getting work completed in a fast and accurate manner, and this could result in more responsibility and a promotion, which in turn leads to pay increases for the ultimate result. With better prospects, you’ll be able to treat yourself to more things and task advantage of this new lease of life.


Avoid burnout

With a busy lifestyle and hectic workloads, burn out is a common occurrence. Putting too much pressure on yourself and struggling to meet timescales can have a negative influence on health and wellbeing. If you allow some time to treat yourself, whether this is some time out for a few days or just some a few minutes away from your computer, it can all help towards avoiding total burnout. Work is one of the leading areas that can affect this part of your life and if you feel stressed with projects, taking a step back will be more productive than powering through in a sad state of mind. If you don’t treat yourself at this point, you’ll also take longer to recover in the long-term, which may mean you need a more extended vacation or time to consider your options. Today’s lifestyle trends seem to highlight being busy, as a positive thing but being busy doesn’t necessarily mean being productive so it’s important to consider what you’d rather be. Regular treats or timeout can also be great for health and avoids the need for time off due to fatigue and stress, which is of benefit to both you and your employer.

It’s fun

Of course, one of the best reasons to treat yourself is the fun you can have doing it. Shopping trips with friends, vacations with family and time away from work are some of the best things about rewarding yourself for bringing in that hard-earned paycheck. Fun also doesn’t have to be expensive either, as there are heaps of things to do at affordable prices from visiting local attractions to taking a staycation rather than jetting abroad. If you’ve built up some savings over a period of time, your reward might just include splashing the cash as you please and enjoying every second of it. This little trinket of positivity can help you in so many ways and give you back that spark you might have been missing lately.

Don’t ever feel guilty for treating yourself because if you’ve worked hard for it, then taking the time for those little rewards will help you reap the benefits for a healthy outlook on life and work.


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