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Most hotels, in essence, are incredibly luxurious from the get-go. Adding to that luxury can, however, transform your hotel from average to a must-go location. Whether you are open to the public, are a private hotel, or offer something in-between is up to you, but in order to achieve the volume and the clientele you want, you will need to improve the look, quality, and experience of your hotel using these top tips:

Improve the Grounds

The grounds of your hotel should be your top priority; many customers will want to look out to beautiful grounds, whether they be green plains or scenic woodlands. If the hotel’s grounds is downtrodden, or worse, boring, you need to change the design immediately. Hire a professional to help you design an innovative and thrilling outdoor area and to ensure quality throughout the experience. The more space you have, the more variety you will be able to offer.

Improve the Main Building

Although holiday goers will usually leave the hotel to see the sights or lay about the pool, many customers will look to either have lunch or dinner at your hotel’s restaurant. While food quality and taste is imperative to keep your customers happy, so too is the building itself. You want your members to feel like they are in a luxurious environment every time they step indoors. You won’t have to do the whole building, but ensuring the front lobby, main dining area, and even any guest rooms or reception rooms are luxurious and well-designed will help you attract and keep lifelong guests.

Improve the Food

Everyone universally loves good food, which is why having a versatile, simple, but delicious menu on offer can help you appeal to the taste buds of many of your guests. The simpler the meal, the more you can focus on the taste and quality. You don’t want to be too experimental, as you want your guests to visit often. The simpler, but staple meals you have, the more your guests can enjoy your menu again and again.

Improve Your Marketing

Marketing is, and always will be, important. Especially as an increasing number of establishments are created, you will need to not only market your business to new members, but to also market in order to increase your standing. The more people know your name, the more prestigious your brand will be. The more prestigious, the more you can attract new members and the more value you can offer your current members. Find your USP and make sure to use it. For instance, if you have a golf course but are unsure how to market this effectively, use professional country club marketing services instead. That way you can get the reach you want with the right message.

Your hotel needs to be a luxury destination if you want it to succeed. It needs to offer elegance, refinement, and good taste indoors, and it needs to offer clean greenery and great design outdoors. Train your staff to offer excellent customer service, and you will create the perfect experience that will attract and keep members for decades to come.


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