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“Bubbly Breakfast” at the Lausanne Royal Savoy. When talent and creativity meet.

This morning there was only one place where LuxuryActivist could be. It is a exceptional place where luxury, art and know-how meet. This place is called the Lausanne Royal Savoy. Around this very exclusive breakfast table 5 amazing talents: Mr Benoît Gouez, Chef de Cave at Moët & Chandon Mr ...
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How to Be More Serious About Social Work

One of the advantages you have as a luxury activist is the extra power, time, money and resources you can invest into social work. There are a lot of good causes that can benefit from your involvement. Even better, you can take social work to the next level by actually ...
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Friday Chronicle #25: Why Programmatic is killing Luxury Brands

Digital is evolving is such ways that today we can target and track people in ways that we would not imagine 5 to 10 years ago. Barbarian words such as sequential targeting, re-targeting, re-marketing are current vocabulary for any good digital marketer. The king of all barbarian words would definitely ...
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The Very Best of Vaudois Wine at Lausanne Palace – Every Monday!

The Office des Vins Vaudois have the pleasure to invite you to an exceptional journey in which you will be able to taste and discover the best Grands Crus of the Vaud region. Exceptional wines that can be tasted only in exceptional places and in Lausanne only one place would ...
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Louis Moinet is officially the inventor of the Chronograph.

After the best part of six months of procedures and thorough investigations, Louis Moinet has become the official holder of the title of “First Chronograph”, awarded by the official Guinness World Records organisation. In bestowing its Guinness World Records award, the worldwide authority brings further recognition of a fact already ...
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Manufacture Royale: A Ray of Light in Swiss Watchmaking.

Sometimes we feel that we have seen it all, especially in Watchmaking. Well you are wrong. In Switzerland you can discover true marvels, small treasures in the serious business of Watchmaking. When it comes to Luxury watches, Manufacture Royale is like a ray of light providing bright, luxurious watches aligned ...
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From best luxury Bloggers to top Influencers… the new era of online visibility.

We tend to say there are 152 million bloggers around the world. That seems a lot, especially when you know that every second a new blog is created. Bloggers are a quite recent phenomenon and brands have been using them as a leverage for visibility. In the past 2 to ...
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Davidoff Yamasa, exceptional new Cigar. One of a kind.

The life of Davidoff Cigars is the life of Zino Davidoff. His brilliant savoir vivre infused all aspects of cigar craftsmanship and enjoyment. A visionary in all regards, Zino was a man who ensured time, like each of his cigars, was always beautifully filled. While we think everything was invented, ...
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Medieval Factory by L’Espace des Inventions – Lausanne

L'Espace des Inventions opened in 2000 in Lausanne. Since then, their mission is to inspire vocations and to awaken young people's interest in science and technology. These are 2 key elements to our modern culture that should educate future generations. They are located in a very special building, constructed for ...
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Swiss Blog: Aesop opens new store in Lausanne

Aesop just opened a new store in Lausanne. Year after year, the Australian brand is investing into the Swiss Market as being part of one of its key european territories. Aesop is an amazing brand. It all started in 1987 in Melbourne – Australia. It was founded by Dennis Paphitis ...
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Victorinox Fall Winter Fashion Collection, Modern Craft story.

What is surprising with Swiss Ingenuity is the large numbers of possibilities. Victorinox is the proud ambassador of such philosophy and the Swiss manufacturer has season after season innovated in the fashion industry. They propose a modern and clever fashion, crafted for outdoor and daily adventures. Here is our review ...
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Friday Chronicles #24: The Duty free business and how to send fragrances to hell

The fragrance industry is a a strong segment of the luxury business. In the world, it represents USD 36.6 billion which is 16.8% of te total luxury market. One dynamic area of business in fragrances is the Duty Free activity. People travels more and more and the Duty Free activity ...
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Breaking luxury news: Ladurée opens at Quai des Bergues in Geneva!

We just got the information, Ladurée will open a new store in Geneva, in one of the prestigious adresses in town: Quai des Bergues. The store is designed by India Mahdavi. This is definitely the luxury news of the month. Geneva is the perfect place in Europe to enjoy a ...
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Victorinox Classic Limited Edition 2016 – Design rules.

The Swiss Army Knife is one of Switzerland’s most iconic and famous products. Most people are familiar with the classic red design and the unmistakable Victorinox cross and shield. The annual limited edition of the Classic pocket knife is a popular collector's item and gift all around the world. The ...
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Video: when Swiss Tradition meets Pop Music, by La Cote International School

Switzerland is full of contrasts where traditions meet modernity. This week, the students of the prestigious La Cote International School created a surprising act in one of Switzerland shopping malls. By partnering with a traditional Swiss men's choir they performed a flash mob allying Swiss traditions and French Pop. The ...
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