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Victorinox Opens A New Brand Store In Lausanne

Victorinox is the symbol of Swiss ingenuity since 1884. Decade after decade, the Swiss brand remains truthful to its core values of quality, functionality and iconic design. This month, Victorinox opened a new brand store in the heart of Lausanne. It is the second store in "Suisse Romande", the French-speaking ...
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Verbier Festival 2019: A Story Of Audacity, Transmission And Exchange

Summer in Switzerland brings back amazing music festivals and one very special has its location in the heart of Swiss Alps for more than 25 years: the Verbier Festival. Last year it was an amazing edition and the 2019 edition is starting. It will take place in Verbier from July ...
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Why Can We Find Soy Lecithin in Swiss Chocolate?

Since I live in Switzerland, many people around the world keep asking me questions about the country. How is it to live here? Is it really as beautiful as we can see on TV? Do you have a secret bank account? Most of all: Is the Chocolate really good, and ...
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Nespresso Reviving Origins: Rediscovering (Almost) Forgotten coffees

© National Geographic Rena Effendi Nespresso is launching REVIVING ORIGINS. It is a new initiative aimed at reintroducing coffee growing in areas where it is threatened. As part of the Nespresso AAA Program for Sustainable Quality, the company works with coffee growers in regions affected by conflicts, economic difficulties and ...
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The Sunday Brunch At Le Mirador? Do Not Go!

The sunday brunch became more than a habit, it became a art of living. It is one of the best moments in the week, that you decide t spend good time chilling-out and preparing for a new week to start (without thinking too much in it). So generally you look ...
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Friday Chronicle #31: A Blogger Is Not A Cheap Journalist Or A Low-Cost VIP

We have never spoke as much about bloggers as today. They are trendy, they are smart, they are passionate people and generally companies think they can get cheap/free visibility thanks to the passionate work they do. There are limits in this exercice, so let's not forget the ethics. Why Bloggers ...
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Swiss Blog #1: A Renversé Is Not A Coffee With Milk

Our first blog post about Swiss specificities is dedicated to the Renversé! In Switzerland you do not say a Coffee with Milk, you say a Renversé... but be careful. It is not really the same thing! The name of Coffee varies a lot from one country to another and even ...
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SIHH 2018 – New brands, new configuration… new year!

In two month time, the 28th edition of the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) will open its doors. Last year there was already big changes, especially with the open day to the public. In 2018, the luxury watch trade show will pursuit its development in welcoming new brands, ...
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Pre-SIHH 2018: Hermes Arceau Chrono Titane

The 2018 edition of SIHH will be very interesting as there are big positive changes. New brands are joining and one of them is Hermès. After several years in Basel, Hermès has decided to join Geneva and the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie. We welcome Hermes and are thrilled ...
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Swiss Premiere of the Ferrari Portofino: the event!

Every time Ferrari presents a new model it is big news. So when Ferrari presented earlier this year the Ferrari Portofino at the Frankfurt Motorshow, all aficionados felt their hearts race. Now, the big moment arrived for the Swiss Premiere. The event took place at the prestigious Swiss Tech Convention ...
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AQUATIS: too expensive, not interesting and lack of ecological values

This weekend, LuxuryActivist went to the recently opened Aquatis. After a big buzz around the opening, we wanted to see for ourselves and I must say that it was more than disappointing, it was even shocking. It was old style, super expensive, all the cultural aspect is not well executed, ...
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Victorinox Swiss Army for Her Eau Florale – Fresh and joyful.

Victorinox is based in the heart of Switzerland and this specific location allows the Swiss brand to be inspired by the surroundings. The Swiss Alps is an amazing scenery with natural outstanding elements as well as a natural elegance. This represents the foundation of an olfactory endless inspiration. Victorinox gathers ...
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Friday Chronicle #30: What is Luxury? From paganism to consumerism

Friday Chronicle #30: What is Luxury? From paganism to consumerism

Luxury is a very universal concept that has been part of humanity and civilisation for centuries. It is a very complex definition that has been evolving century after century. Luxury has determined and defined kings and conquerors from the masses, it connected humanity with sacred and has developed a multi-billion ...
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The Most Influential Luxury and Fashion blogs in the world – Top 75.

Last week, just released an extensive list of the top 75 most influential luxury and fashion blogs and websites in the world. In order to bring a certain methodology to the ranking, here are the following criteria chosen by the RSS Reader in order to build an objective classification: ...
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Rituals Cosmetics opens a new store in Lausanne

Beauty brands are not only a product provider, they participate to your beauty routine, which means they create self-indulgent moments for you. With Rituals Cosmetics, the philosophy tends to generate happiness that can be found in the smallest of things. The brand's aim is to transform your daily beauty routines ...
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