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Fragrances in Brazil – Future trends.

Brazil became the biggest market in the world for Cosmetics, Fragrances, beauty and hygiene. With 42 Billion US$ in 2012 of sales (15 billion US$ ex-factory), the Economic giant also smells very...

Beauty secrets for men. What you always wanted to know without daring to ask…

While women are supposed to be beautiful and sexy, men are supposed to be charismatic and strong. But if you think that men do not have their own habits and beauty tricks,...

Justin Bieber and one billion people in youtube.

Youtube just released the top 10 most viewed videos of all times and guess what? Justin Bieber has 3 videos in that ranking. Here are the 3 videos. Adding all three, we confirm that Justin Bieber got almost 1 Billion viewers, which is basically the entire world Internet population. Of course we believe it is always the same people watching it again and again, but, this is just crazy. With only one single video, he got the most viewed ever with almost half billion viewers.

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