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Waging Heavy Peace, by Neil Young.

This fall, one of the most awaited biographies is called "Waging Heavy Peace". It is the memoirs of Rock star Neil Young. Born in 1945 in Canada, Neil Young is considered as...

Queen Elisabeth, the jubilee of the last monarch

60 years in a throne needs celebration. In deed our dear Queen Elisabeth will celebrate 60 years of reign next year, which we called Diamond Jubilee. On the 6th February 1952, Queen...

How Internet decreases the world’s cultural landscape?

The digital revolution started in 29 October 1969 when for the first time one network was made between Leonard Kleinrock's Network Measurement Center at the UCLA's School of Engineering and Applied Science  and Douglas Engelbart's NLS...

Vintage T-Shirt, a T-book?

This month was launched a book called Vintage T-Shirt. It was written by 3 masters of Vintage T-shirt in Hollywood, Patrick and Marc Guetta with the help of fashion magazine editor Alison Nieder. Mr and Mr Guetta are the legendary owners of a store called World of Vintage T-Shirts.

Oprah Winfrey Biography, the perfect book for summer holidays…

Now, one of the most expected books arrived. The Oprah Winfrey biography. Kitty Kelley is a very well known biographer, passionate about those people who became more than an ordinary human being... they became legends or symbols for America.

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