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Is Nicola Formichetti the new Warhol?

Fashion, Arts Nicola Formichetti became one of the most influential person in fashion and design today. Multi-facetted artist, he works for fashion brands, is friend with celebrities and develop personal projects like...

Konstantin Grcic, artistic pragmatism.

Konstantin Grcic is a german designer, born in 1965 in Munchen. He had a strong school curriculum with first the Parnham College in the UK and then the prestigious Royal College of Art in London. Mr Grcic has a functional artistic approach of Design. He describes his own style of current, feasible and realistic.

And finally Art went online… buy it here!

What if your favorite Sally Mann or Andy Warhol would be available for you directly via your computer? That is the goal and the aim of THE NEVICA PROJECT.

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