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Is Nicola Formichetti the new Warhol?

Fashion, Arts Nicola Formichetti became one of the most influential person in fashion and design today. Multi-facetted artist, he works for fashion brands, is friend with celebrities and develop personal projects like...

The new look of Vogue Paris

I am not really used to talk about Vogue as I am not sure it is really necessary but this year the Parisian September issue attract my attention. In deed Vogue got...

Top posts of the week – 12.08.2011

Hi, thanks god it is friday! and here are the top posts of the week. Wishing you all a great weekend. LA 1- Sisley 2011 new product launch – Exclusive Sisley revealed the launch, next september, of...

Top 5 most viewed posts of the week – may6/2011

Check here the most viewed posts of the week. This ranking is based on the most viewed posts in a period of 7 days.

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