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Youku, the “other” Youtube? Not so sure…

Youku is one of the biggest websites for video in the world. Millions of people, chinese for the most, connect daily and find high level content. Youku is not a pale copy...

India and luxury, new market.

India, as many "In-development" countries represents a huge potential for luxury brands. Check this video from ETNow TV about the importance of luxury Brands in India, especially among Men. http://www.youtube.com/v/YSurf_c7Hbk?version=3&hl=fr_FR Here we can see interesting...

China Luxury – the key figures by Luxury Activist

Hello, please find here below a video by Luxury Activist about the Cosmetic business in China. The figures are just amazing. Cheers, LA http://www.youtube.com/v/C95X4sJr06s?version=3&hl=fr_FR You can also check this video on youtube here.  

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