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Cindy Sherman at the MoMA NY

The MoMA in New York will present from February 26th to june 11th 2012 a new exhibition about American photographer Cindy Sherman. It will be a retrospective of 170 photographs from mid...

Palais de Tokyo – come back later!

In this beginning of the year, do not try to visit the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. In deed you will most likely find the door closed. In deed the establishment started...

“Customary Beauty” at mor.charpentier gallery – Paris

This month at mor.charpentier gallery there is a new exhibition called CUSTOMARY BEAUTY. Several artists are participating to it: Alexander Apóstol, Milena Bonilla, José Dávila, Laura Gannon, Terence Gower, Pablo León de la...

La Mala Educación – mor.charpentier galerie

mor.charpentier art gallery, in Paris, is specialized in Latin American artists. From the 9th of june until the 31st of July, you will be able to discover a new interesting exhibition called "La Mala Educación", the bad education in spanish.

” The Fourth Cordillera” – Art exhibition

galerie mor . charpentier was founded by Alex Mor and Philippe Charpentier, and it opened its doors the 14th of October 2010. We could ask ourselves, why another Art gallery? Well, why not? But moreover, because the mor. charpentier gallery supports the contemporary Latin American Art.

Konstantin Grcic, artistic pragmatism.

Konstantin Grcic is a german designer, born in 1965 in Munchen. He had a strong school curriculum with first the Parnham College in the UK and then the prestigious Royal College of Art in London. Mr Grcic has a functional artistic approach of Design. He describes his own style of current, feasible and realistic.

Karsten Födinger at Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

The German artists sculpts, screws, glues, fixes, straps, wraps all different materials on his master pieces. Shards ofplaster, pieces of concrete left behind on the floor - the discretion of the partsreflects a subtle analysis of space while giving it an unusual character, as unfinished.

Beat Takeshi Kitano @Fondation Cartier in Paris

Until September 12th, at Fondation Cartier in Paris, you can attend do a great exhibition developed by Beat Takeshi Kitano and called "Gosse de Peintre."

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