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How to Find Fashion Nirvana

Decades of consumerism have taught us we need 50 pairs of jeans and as many shoes in order to be satisfied with our wardrobe and ourselves. Welcome to Fashion Nirvana.

Fashion icons: From Betty Boop to Nicopanda

Every generation has its icons, especially when it comes to fashion. And here, the topic is not about real people, but more about Animated & Cartoon characters. It is funny to see...

Fashion Priest – Lydia Bright’s confession.

Sometimes certains confessions are easier than others. And when the Fashion Priest from MyDaily.co.uk is the confessor... the result is very "interesting". Regularly, you can discover a different interview (or confession) from...

2011 Top 5 best luxury blogs in the world

In 2011, luxury and internet were really well together. Here is the ranking of the top 5 best luxury blogs based on multiple settings: Page rank, back links, alexa ranking and social...

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