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Marilyn Monroe and Chanel N.5, legendary.

Chanel just launched a mini website called Inside Chanel. Their goal is to continue the incredible story-telling around the brand. Starting with the myth of Chanel N.5 and Marilyn Monroe, here is...

50 shades of Grey: get dirty… at least in your mind.

It is the new big thing: 50 Shades of Grey. Written by E. L. James, of her real name Erika Leonard. Today it reaches almost 60 million of sales worldwide. The original english...

SwissTV, VOD (R)evolution

SwissTV is an interesting swiss offer for VOD, video on demand. Most of online offers are either not compatible with what you have at home - hardware - or too expensive and sometimes not appropriate. Switzerland has its ways and here we might see a nice (r)evolution. Check it out.

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